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Niehaus Reunion, July 22, 2012 - 73 Years of Family Tradition

Members of the Niehaus Family gathered in 1939 at Garfield Park, Indianapolis.
In 1939 the Niehaus family of Indianapolis, descendants of Joseph and Gertrude Niehaus, came together for the first family reunion.  That reunion was held in Garfield Park on the south side of Indianapolis.  Since that time, as far as we know, there has been a reunion each year except for the year that Uncle Joe (Joseph Niehaus, Jr.) died in 1969, just a few days before the scheduled date.   Everyone agreed that there would be no reunion in respect to him.  The tradition continued the following year, as it has since.

This year the event will be on Sunday, July 22, in Pioneer Park, Mooresville, Indiana.   We usually begin around noon with a pitch-in lunch, then the usual games, raffles and sharing stories and catching up on family news.

If there is anyone in the family who may not get the notice by mail, please consider yourself invited.  Everyone connected with this Niehaus family is encouraged to bring your loved ones and share in the reunion festivities.  Our hopes are to reach more of our cousins in the Donahue, Lark, Sapp and other families.

Below is the identifications of the folks in the above 1939 photo.  Family members worked on putting the names with the faces on this photo during several of our reunions over the past few years.  We are still looking for the names of some of those attending that first reunion.  If your parent or grandparent is as yet unnamed, please let me know.

If you are reading this and would like to be added to the list to receive invitations to the annual reunions, email me and I will pass along your contact information to our faithful organizer, Rosie Walters.  nancyhurley1 at gmail dot com.

Come one Niehaus, come all Niehaus family, to the reunion on July 22.  


1939 Niehaus Reunion Photo

Row 1 – Children seated on the ground - (L to R):
1 - boy at left ____________________
2nd ____________________________
3rd - “Hink” Forest Albertson
4th - Evelyn Ellis
5th - Gert Niehaus
6th - Shirley Ellis
7th – Robert Drake
8th – Herman Drake, Jr.
9th ____________
10th ____________
11th ____________
12th – Jim Buis
13th ______________
14th (child in front)_______________
15th _____________________
16th - Marie Kirn
17th - Mary Stuck
18th - Gertrude Kirn
19th - “Norris” Harold Niehaus

Row 2 – (L to R):
1st – John Hoskinson
2nd – Dodie Lauterbaugh
3rd – Dorothy Sapp and child?
4th – Ruth Niehaus, Mrs. John
5th – John Niehaus, (son of Joseph and Gertrude)
holding his son, Larry Niehaus
6th – Rosa Niehaus Lark
(daughter of Joseph and Gertrude)
7th – Clara Niehaus Sapp
(daughter of Joseph and Gertrude)
8th – Anna Niehaus Donahue (daughter of
Joseph and Gertrude) and grandchild?
9th – Lena Niehaus Kleinsmith
(daughter of Joseph and Gertrude)
10th – Josephine “Feenie” Niehaus Stull
(daughter of Joseph and Gertrude)
11th – Ben Niehaus (son of Joseph and Gertrude)
and grandchild?
12th – Wilhelmina “Minnie” Niehaus Kirn
(daughter of Joseph and Gertrude)
13th– Mandy Niehaus, Mrs. Gerald,
holding granddaughter, Patsy Niehaus
14th – Ann Donahue Gillum
15th – Al Stull
16th - Joe Donahue
17th - Herman Drake, Sr.

Row 3 – (L to R):
1st – Tim or Francis Kaiser
2nd – Johnny Sapp
3rd - Virginia Sapp
4th - Margaret Lark, Mrs. Bud Lark,
holding daughter, Margaret Rose Lark
5th – Mary Lark
6th - Ralph Lark
7th – Anne Niehaus, Mrs. Robert
8th - ___________________
9th - Mrs. John Donahue?
10th – Jane Stull
11th – Ruth Niehaus, Mrs. Bernard
12th – Geraldine Niehaus
13th – Alberta (Stull) Hickman
14th – Irene (Donahue) Callis
15th – Helen Donahue
16th – Rosemary Lark
17th - Alice Lark, Mrs. Charles
18th – Marie Albertson
19th - Leo Lark

Row 4 – (L to R):
1st on Left – Charlotte Niehaus Ellis
2nd – Anna Marie Sapp
3rd – Ruth (Niehaus) Lauterbaugh
4th – Gertrude (Niehaus) Decker
5th – Bud Lark
6th – Frank Niehaus
7th – Robert Niehaus
8th _______________________
9th – Richard Stull
10th – Mary (Stull) Buis
11th - Joe Donahue
12th – Nan Schott and child
13th – Marge (Donahue) Schott
14th ______________________
15th – Charles Lark
16th – Fred Kleinsmith
17th ______________________

Row 5, ( L to R):
1st (in shade) – Jim Stull  
2nd _______________________
3rd – Helen Niehaus (Ben's daughter)
4th - John Donahue
5th – Frank Kirn
6th – Charles Niehaus (John's son)
7th – Bernie Niehaus
8th – Leo VanBenthuysen
9th – Denny Buis
10th – Rob Callis
11th – Hink Albertson
12th – Kenny Gillum
13th – Bill Kaiser

copyright (c) 2012, Nancy Hurley


  1. Hello! I just wanted to say thank you for this. I found this photo while searching google. I am little Hink Albertson's granddaughter and I currently live in garfield park. This photo means a lot to me. Thankk you!

    1. Hi: I'm so glad you found our family website. Your grandfather's name just came up at the Niehaus Reunion a few weeks ago. He's remembered fondly.
      Be sure to stay in touch and keep reading the blog for more Niehaus info. If you have any questions or requests for certain types of family history, just let me know. If I have the answers, I'll be happy to send them along.
      Nancy Hurley

  2. WOW I did not realize this existed! My Husband is Tom Valkyrie, he is one of the sons of Bill and Helen Niehaus. My children would love to be a part of the reunion.


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