Friday, July 26, 2013

Family Recipe Friday - Anne’s Salsa

For our family recipe this week I’ve chosen another slant on using tomatoes.  This has been a popular one since my cousin Anne Weber Graham started bringing her salsa for our family reunion silent auction a couple of years ago.  Really, it was probably a favorite of many for a much longer time than that, since it’s so great! 
Webers:  Ruth with her daughters.
Anne’s one of five children of Harry and Ruth Weber.  Here she is on the right in this photo with her two sisters, Nancy and Kathy, and her mom, Ruth, in the middle back.  Her two brothers, Dave and Tom, weren’t around for this photo.  We had a Wordless Wednesday photo of Harry about a week ago. This link takes you to a teenage photo of him that’s fun to see.

Anne’s Salsa Recipe has been sampled in our family and receives an A+.  Thanks for adding to our Family Recipe Friday collection, Anne.

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