Friday, September 13, 2013

Family Recipe Friday - Donna’s Crab Dip

Here’s another favorite recipe from a favorite person.  For over 30 years I had the pleasure of working in the same office, sharing family experiences and sampling delicious food prepared by my friend, Donna. One of the yummy dishes that she used to make was her Crab Dip. 
Donna's Crab DipA nice part of my recollections of Donna’s sharing nature was when she would jot down her recipe from memory for me.  This recipe in longhand is an example of one of those that I’ve saved.
We all enjoyed the pitch-ins, or just whenever she decided to show up with a generous supply of this spread for our staff.  Usually, this creamy spread was served with crackers, but I have tried it with celery sticks, too.  It’s just good!

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