Friday, September 20, 2013

Family Recipe Friday - Marcia’s Pumpkin Upside Down Pie

Pumpkin Upside Down Pie recipe
     This past Sunday was a day of feasting and fun at the Niehaus Family Reunion. When this family gathers for the annual reunion the day begins with a huge pitch-in meal. There are so many great selections, from fried chicken, livers and  meat loaf to deviled eggs, salads, brownies and pies.  It’s impossible to sample them all.  But this time I thought about asking for a recipe for one of the popular desserts.
Copyright: - Marcia Stull's delicious Pumpkin Upside Down Pie recipe
     Marcia Stull was generous enough to pass along this delicious “Pumpkin Upside Down Pie.”    I am happy to add it to our list for Family Recipe Friday.
She says this dish is quick and easy to prepare.  I can attest that it has great flavor.

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  1. Hi Nance,
    I made this and took it to my Connect Group yesterday and it was a big hit. YUM!! They topped it off with cool whip. They even took some home so I didn't have to take it back with me.
    Love you


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