Friday, October 4, 2013

Family Recipe Friday - Grandma Weber’s Divinity Fudge

All different kinDivinity Fudge recipe from Tillie Weber.ds of surprises occur when we get into family history!  This might be called a generational food discovery.
So far, when I’ve asked around for any recipes from Grandma Weber (Tillie Kuhn Weber) no one in the family knew of any that survived. Today I was talking to my sister, asking her to share one of her own favorites for Family Recipe Friday.  She casually mentioned that I should use one of the recipes of Grandma Weber’s that she had given me.   Oh no, not this girl.  I sure don’t have any!  You know how sisters are though.  After our discussion went into “yes, I did.  And, Tillie (Kuhn) Weber, 1891 - 1965no you didn’t” she very kindly scanned them in and emailed them.  Yay!  Thanks Marti. You're a great sis.
I chose to share the Divinity Fudge recipe today since it had to be one of our mother's favorites. I would say it spans several generations.  Grandma Weber perfected it; Mom (her daughter, Rosemary Weber Niehaus) loved to eat divinity fudge; then somehow, my sister (Marti Niehaus Fleetwood) preserved the recipe; and I am positive this one will be sampled in many cousins’ homes very soon, and passed along to the next generation.
What a gift….Enjoy!Laughing out loud

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