Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tuesday Tip - Passing Forward Research and Website Tips

We all should take advantage of the generous genealogy researchers who share so much knowledge and inspiration online.  I am a big fan of the online Moultrie Creek Gazette that Denise Olson publishes.  I look forward to the gems she’s going to pass along in each edition.  There are many great hints on apps, research tips and insights into using technology and writing for genealogy.  This week Denise provided a link to the Genealogy 101 website she just developed on Tumblr for a new presentation she will be giving.  I am again impressed with her creativity in computer art from FreeDigitalPhotos.netdesigning this easy-to-use site and her lessons in family research.
No matter how long we are involved in genealogy I believe we can always learn something.  In this instance, after reviewing the information in her series of links on Genealogy 101, I gained a better understanding of the National Archives resources.  Since I’ve not had the opportunity to visit NARA in person, the video she linked to was very informative and I’ll be saving the link for a future visit.
Basically, it’s beneficial to review her Genealogy 101, whether you find a few tips on researching or gather some ideas for organization of a website.  I hope that by passing this forward I am helping another family historian. 
If you might wish to subscribe to Moultrie Creek Gazette, you can do so by visiting the website.  Here’s a link to Denise’s discussion of the genealogy course as well as a link to her creative Tumblr site.

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Image of the computer screen courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net.

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