Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Wordless Wednesday (Almost) - 1946 Weber Christmas

Tis the season for holiday remembrances. The next few weeks of Wordless Wednesday for Indiana Ties will feature the Christmas season.  Since I'm into "almost wordless, "  a very brief story goes with each one.  
A search of family photos turns up this 1946 Weber Christmas.  Actually, this is the earliest picture with some symbol of the season that I could uncover.....for now anyway.   
Weber family gathering for Christmas, 1946
My mom and dad are standing on the right, Frank and Rosemary (Weber) Niehaus, and next to her in Army uniform is her brother, Harry Weber.  Standing on Harry's right is Ed Niehaus,  Dad's brother and husband of Gin (Weber) Niehaus, who is second from the right on the couch. Also seated from right to left are: Peg (Weber) Stull, Gin, Tillie (Kuhn) Weber, my grandmother, Mel and Dolly (Weber) Holzer, with Emma (Richie) Weber holding daughter Janet.  In front of the tree is Bob Weber, husband of Emma and brother of Harry, Dolly, Peg, Gin and Rose.  The children playing are cousins of baby Janet, Donny Niehaus, Billy Niehaus, Martha Niehaus and Marilyn Niehaus.
The family is celebrating  at Tillie's home on Singleton Street in Indianapolis.  The tradition continued as many more cousins were added to the family.  

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