Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wordless Wednesday (Almost) - Niehaus Home - South West St, Indianapolis

Niehaus Home, S. West St., Indianapolis, Indiana.
The above home is where Joseph and Gertrude (Wilmsen) Niehaus and various numbers of their twelve children lived on South West Street in Indianapolis from approximately 1890 to each of their deaths, 1895 (Gertrude) and 1921 (Joseph).  Their daughter’s family, Ralph and Rosa Lark, owned the home into the 1950s.   The address changed from 567, to 1117 to 1135, as the city expanded. This photo was taken around 2000. The last time I checked the home was still standing. Although the city’s growing road system has claimed many of the neighboring homes. 
My last Wordless Wednesday (Almost) post of the Weber home sparked an idea.  I’m going to string together photos on these Wednesday posts of homes, churches, schools and other locations that play a part in our family history.  It will be fun to see what develops.  I have a few ideas already.  But I encourage all my cousins out there to send me contributions of your family’s homes, maybe a place your Mom or Dad worked, a school or whatever location had a role in the family’s history. 
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