Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Wordless Wednesday (Almost) -- The Days of Old at The 500 - Thanks Dad

     Participating in the Wordless Wednesday blog prompt is fun, but I have to make them "almost wordless."
     This week I'm featuring a photo from 'The Indianapolis 500' that I came across within an old bunch of papers of my Dad's (Frank Niehaus).  Oh how he loved 'the race!'  I remember him talking about the turbines, the Novi's, Tony Bettenhausen, Andy Granatelli, Eddie Sachs, Mario Andretti, Parnelli Jones, Al and Bobby Unser, A J Foyt, Tony Hulman and many other people and cars involved over the years.  This particular photo is a real treasure, capturing the intensity of the sport.  Here, along the pit wall on the main straight away at 'the track' are Andy Granatelli and Parnelli Jones in deep conversation.  You can see that the stands are empty across the way.  So, this must have been a slow practice day.  But these two guys seem to be very seriously considering the next qualification run or a race strategy.Granitelli and Jones      Sure wish I had the chance to ask Dad how he came to have this, not only because I'm curious, but because he would probably tell me more stories.  Oh well, I know he had fun being there.  And we can just imagine what the conversation might be between this successful team of car owner and driver.
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