Friday, June 6, 2014

Family Recipe Friday -- Dorothy Hurley's Devilish Stuffed Potatoes

Devilish Stuffed Potatoes recipe.
Devilish Stuffed Potatoes, pg 2
     I've been in the mood to cook lately.  So, I'm looking through our family recipes again.  Here's one from Jerry's mom, Dorothy Hurley.  These Devilish Stuffed Potatoes are something I'm not familiar with and sound fantastic.  They are definitely on the to-do list now!

Dorothy (Dorothy_Rosalie_Begley Begley) Hurley was a Hoosier through and through, living in Evansville in her youth and later in Indianapolis.  She enjoyed her family, shared recipes with her sisters and cooked for her husband and two sons a lot.  I've heard that her chicken and noodles and her pies were excellent. 
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