Sunday, August 31, 2014

2014 Weber Kuhn Reunion -- Enjoying Time Together

     The Weber Kuhn Family of Indianapolis has another nice memory for the record!  Yes, we did have temps in the high 80s along with dripping humidity. But we're a ruggedLukas Knorr, grandson of Chuck and Pat Holzer, born June 2014. lot. Everyone agreed there was a super reunion at the Sarah Bolton Park in Beech Grove, Indiana, on August 23.  Our numbers were down a little; but the laughter, good conversation and excellent food wereH. A. Weber plentiful.  Our matriarchs, Peg Stull and Ruth Weber, spread their usual pleasant tone.  We even had representation from the newest generation, Lukas Knorr (photo on right),  just under three months old.  Among the family born since the last reunion, he's a third great grandchild of Harry Adam (on the left) and Mary Anna (Keen) Weber.  The photo of Harry Adam Weber was one of the photos that caused a little uncertainty in the contest we had this year for identifying family members.  So, he earned a feature here on our reunion post.
       Aunt Peg's heritage quilt, stitched with the signature squares made by last year's attendees, added more beautiful tradition. A happy Mary Anne Lindblom was the lucky winner of the quilt raffle.  Both sharing the family's past and making new history annually give this event special meaning.  We always try hard not to miss saying our hellos to everyone.  But it's also enjoyable to just sit in a lawn chair and watch the kids enjoying themselves on the playground. 
     Our 2014 Weber Kuhn Tribune (Volume 4) shared newsy updates along with history.  I am grateful that Bob Weber's daughter, Janet, read the newsletter carefully and gave me a couple of corrections for my Family Spotlight on her father this year.  I am posting a corrected version of the newsletter on our family history website. (See the link below.)  I'm happy to send the newsletter by email or snail mail if there are any requests from those who are unable to attend the reunion.  Send me a name and address or email address in the comments section below.
     Lastly, I am posting a few photos from this year's reunion. This time I was less busy with my camera, but still managed to snap the flavor of the good times.  I'm sure my sister, Marti, has some goodies to share also.  I'll add hers later.   Click on the album link below or go to the tab above marked Weber Kuhn Reunion.
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  (Click Here to find the 2014 Weber Kuhn Tribune.)
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