Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Weber Family Halloween -- Wordless Wednesday - Almost

The stairs at Grandma Weber's house were a favorite playing place for cousins.  Here are five of those little ones posed by their parents on Halloween 1947.
     I can't leave the Wordless Wednesday posts without any comments.  It's just too difficult.  So "almost" is my compromise.
     In this photo, five of our Weber cousins were ready for Halloween 1947.  On the top, at the landing, is my brother, Donny Niehaus.  Next step down is Billy Niehaus on the left and my sister, Martha Niehaus on the right.  Moving down the stairs is Marilyn Niehaus, Bill's sister. On the bottom step is Janet Weber. These cousins were born within four years of each other, between 1942 and 1946.  The parents of Donny and Martha are Frank and Rosemary (Weber) Niehaus.  The couple claiming Billy and Marilyn Niehaus are Ed and Gin (Weber) Niehaus.  And Janet's parents are Bob and Emma (Richie) Weber.  I don't know what that character is who looms above them all on the stair railing. Do you know Marilyn or Marti? Isn't he/she really creative and interesting!?

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