Saturday, May 2, 2015

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - "How Old I (And Others) Look?"

      Here we are, another Saturday Night Genealogy Fun!  Again Randy Seaver at has come up with another unique family history activity.   
For this week's mission (should you decide to accept it), I challenge you to:
Go to the "How Old I Look?" website ( and upload one or more of your photos of yourself, your family, or your ancestors.
Come on now, be brave and show us your photos.  You don't have to tell your age, only how many years off the guess is.
   I chose a few random photos representing both my Niehaus and Weber families. And since Randy jumped right in there with his own photo, I started that way as well.
 1.  My first one was Nancy and Jerry when we were volunteering at Stones River National Battlefield in Tennessee in 2011.  I was 62 and Jerry was 69.  So the "How Old I Look" photo analyzing was off by three years for me and nine years for Jerry.
Nancy and Jerry Hurley
2.  For the second try I regressed a little to 1983, a Christmas gathering with my sisters.  This one is my two sisters, Marti and Lin, and me.  This one subtracted two years for Marti, subtracted 13 (wow!) years for Lin and subtracted 6 years for me.
Sisters: Martha, Linda, Nancy in 1983
3.  Now I'm looking back to 1925, our great grandparents, Harry Adam and Mary Anna (Keen) Weber.  The website has Mary Anna at 44 and Harry at 81.  That takes 21 years off her age of 65. And adds 15 years to his age of 66.
Webers, Mary Anna and Harry Adam
4.  And then I wanted to get at least one of my parents into this mix.  (My mom was always so sensitive about her age though.  I left her out.  Winking smile  )  Here's a Palm Sunday, 1940, photo that's one of my favorites:  My dad, Frank Niehaus, with two of his brothers, Ed and Robert.  It missed Frank's age by seven years (added), missed Ed's age by 24 years (added) and missed Robert's age by two years (subtracted).  (I think this photo didn't focus very well on my Uncle Ed!)
Niehaus, Frank, Ed, Robert
5.  And lastly, I wanted to bring some of my cousins to this party!.  Here's a photo of the three children of Ed Niehaus (above) and Virginia (Weber) Niehaus.  This photo is from the Weber/Kuhn Family Reunion in 2012.  The photo website missed Denny's age by three years, Marilyn's by nine years and Bill's by seven years.
Niehaus, Denny, Marilyn, Bill, 2012
For my journey into the "How Old Do I  Look" adventure, the total of the years off was 121.  Divide 121 by the number of people in the photos/13 = 9.3 for the average years discrepancy on the people in my pictures.  Interesting!
Thanks for coming along again for the fun at Indiana Ties!

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