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Weber Scrapbook - The Kuhn Sisters, 1900, Indianapolis, IN

Otillia Weber and sisters-1
     Family photos seem to generate added curiosity as the years go by.  This photo of the Kuhn sisters is an example.  I have several versions of this one that I've created after I scanned the original.  But the one I'm posting shows it just as it looks in person, no cropping or editing.  I borrowed this from Aunt Peg (Margaret Weber Stull, daughter of Tillie Kuhn, the girl on the right).  It's taken about  1900 and includes four of the daughters of Charles and Mary (Risch) Kuhn of 1050 High Street, Indianapolis, Indiana.  The girls are, left to right, Lillian, Clara (in front), Anna and Otillia. 
     About those curiosities I mentioned, do you wonder how many other copies of this photo were distributed to descendants of the other three girls?  Do we know what the occasion for the photo was, if any?  There's a faint photographer studio name on the front.  It looks like Loebman or Lichmann. That's something for researching when I have time to get another look at the original, I guess. I don't know of any stories passed down that would provide answers.  Maybe someone else with another copy has some details. 
     Estimating from the birth dates that we know for all four Kuhn children, Tillie is about nine years old at the time she went with her sisters to have this portrait made.  13 years later she marries Harry L. Weber and the family story continues from there.
     This is a keepsake of Peg's and she'll take good care of it.  As many people do, she's written the names of the girls on the photo.  The family won't have to question which young lady is which as more time passes. And including this special photo in our Weber Scrapbook is yet another record of the lives of these ladies and their family connection. Do you have curiosities or information to add?  You're welcome to leave a comment below.
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