Monday, June 8, 2015

Weber Scrapbook -- Tillie (Kuhn) Weber - Happy Day with Gin and Bob

Virginia Weber, Otillia "Tillie" (Kuhn) Weber, Robert "Bob" Weber
     It's time to dig into the scrapbook of Weber photos again.  This photo of my grandmother, Tillie (Kuhn) Weber, with two of her children seems to portray a carefree day.  Tillie has a beautiful smile on her face as they all relax for a while during a trip to wherever. And Bob is smiling lovingly at his mother. Gin, like a teenager, just waits for the photo to be over. 
      I know this was a day they were out enjoying a park because there are other pictures that match this one where they're hiking up a hill and taking a walk through a park.  There doesn't seem to be any identification of the exact location.  The photo is taken about 1938 when Gin was 18 and Bob was 24.  Judging from their clothing it's a cool day, maybe in the spring when they were anxious to get out for a while and visit one of the Indiana parks. Maybe Aunt Clara, Tillie's sister, came along and is the photographer this time.
     Thanks again to Uncle Bob for saving a Weber photo that speaks volumes!

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