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Family In The News: Wilhelmina “Minnie” (Kuhn) Scherrer -- Pioneer German Resident Will Be Buried Tomorrow

     My latest find in the newspapers brought a new family face.  I have written recently about this great grandaunt, Minnie (Kuhn) Scherrer, as she immigrated from Hessen in 1857 and cared for her mother, Kate (Birkenstock) Kuhn, when she lost her sight in old age.  But until now I had no idea what Minnie looked like.  Another late night of  newspaper searches yielded an interesting obituary… with a bonus photo and a glimpse at her life.  The Indianapolis Star on Sunday, 17 March 1912, contained the following article: 


Obituary: Wilhelmina Kuhn Scherrer, "Pioneer German Resident Will Be Buried Tomorrow"


Indianapolis Star, 17 March 1912:
Pioneer German Resident Will Be Buried Tomorrow
Mrs. Wilhelmina Scherrer
The funeral of Wilhelmina Scherrer, widow of John Scherrer, who died Thursday at her home, 955 High Street, will be held at 9 o'clock tomorrow morning at the Catholic Church of the Sacred Heart.  Mrs. Scherrer was a pioneer resident of Indianapolis and had lived at the present family home ever since she came to Indianapolis about 48 years ago.  She was born at Neustadt, Kuhrhessen, Germany, and came to America when she was 14 years old, living first in Cincinnati.  Later she resided in Connersville, where she married John Scherrer. She is survived by five sons,  Fred, Charles, Jacob, George and Louis Scherrer, and one daughter, Elizabeth Scherrer, and five grandchildren.


    The reference to Wilhelmina being a “pioneer German resident” refers to the fact that she and her husband, John Scherrer, moved to Indianapolis soon after they married in 1864 in Connersville, Indiana.  Minnie would have been in America for seven years at that time.   Sure do wish this photo was clearer. But I’m glad the family made the effort to give us an impression of her.  Wilhelmina’s obituary was probably written by her daughter, Elizabeth Scherrer, who passed along family history generously years later to anyone who inquired.  Speaking of history, Elizabeth lived in the family home on High Street until her death at 91 years of age, an additional 62 years after her mother passed away. Other stories that include more information on Wilhelmina (Kuhn) Scherrer’s journey are at these links:

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     If you have other stories about Minnie, or perhaps a better photograph, I would be happy to hear from you.  Also, I am open to sharing the family history I have documented so far.  If I can assist any cousin, let me know.

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