Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Whose Goat Is That? --- Niehaus Cousins, Donny, Billy & Diana --- Wordless Wednesday (Almost)

       Sometimes we get lucky and catch a priceless moment in time.  I believe this is definitely one of those Almost Wordless photos.  Here are three Niehaus family cousins visiting at their grandparents on a hot day in June of 1943.  My brother, Donny Niehaus, with his cousins Billy Niehaus and Diana Ellis are each displaying their own unique impression.  From left to right, we could read leave-me-alone annoyance from Donny; then Billy is doing the cool ignoring routine and Diana is over-the-top, boisterously excited.    I don’t have any idea who that goat belongs to but he adds just the perfect touch in this piece of family history.    
Niehaus Cousins, Donny, Billy & Diana enjoying a July day at their grandparents.
      Surely there’s another story about this animal. Anyone in the family know about the goat?  Was this a pet?  Or did he just wonder down the street and do a photo bomb? 
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