Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Weber Scrapbook: Dolly and Harry Captured in 1933 With Their Dad, Harry Lawrence Weber -- Wordless Wednesday (Almost)

     Here’s another treasured photo from the Weber Scrapbook.  Dolores Marie and Harry Joseph Weber pose on the day of Harry’s First Communion in 1933 with their father, Harry Lawrence Weber.  The grapevines in the backyard of their home on Singleton Street in Indianapolis are familiar to those of us who recall the home and its surroundings.  Dolly is ten years old and Harry Joseph in six.  I’m sure the other four Weber siblings were around for this event.  But the two youngest were perfect to make this special photo with their dad.
Dolores Weber, Harry L. Weber, Harry J. Weber, posing near the grapevines on Singleton Street in 1933.
1933, Weber Family, Indianapolis, IN
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