Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Another Twenty Year Flashback -- Niehaus Family -- Wordless Wednesday (Almost)

      It’s intriguing to stick with this twenty-year time frame, so I’m flashing back again to 1996. These photos sure do bring back memories.  Here’s my Mom with all of her children at a Christmas gathering at my house on Woodstone Court in Indianapolis.  I sure wish Mom hadn’t closed her eyes at that exact time that the picture was taken.  But isn’t that just how it goes! The story is on our faces and I think this shot may be one of the best for “wordless.”
Christmas 1996, Martha Niehaus Fleetwood, Donald Frank Niehaus, Nancy Niehaus Underwood, Linda Niehaus May - with Mom, Rosemary Weber Niehaus seated.
Seated in front:  Rosemary Weber Niehaus
Standing, sisters and brother: Marti Fleetwood, Don Niehaus, Nancy Underwood, Linda May

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