Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Will Rogers Post Card From Sister to Sister, 1942: Wordless Wednesday (Almost)

     This tiny message from Peg (Weber) Stull to her sister, Rose (Weber) Niehaus tells a huge tale. Although, since I'm making this an "Almost Wordless Wednesday" post....I'll save those and just let the sisterly words speak.    
     On November 3, 1942, Peg writes from Tulsa, Oklahoma, where she’s been visiting her husband, Shad, during his Army training exercises.  Peg is writing to my mother and father in Indianapolis. She comments about Mom’s admiration for Will Rogers (pictured on front of the postcard).  The handwriting is getting dim after 65 years, so I’ve transcribed Peg’s message below.

Will Rogers Postcard, mailed from Oklahoma to Indiana in 1942 by Peg Stull, to her sister, Rose NiehausWill Rogers Postcard, 1942, from Peg Stull, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, to Rose & Frank Niehaus in Indianapolis, IN
--------   Transcription of Will Rogers Postcard   --------------
From Peg Stull to Mr. & Mrs. Frank Niehaus
Postmark: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Nov 3, 1942
Addressed to:
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Niehaus
1733 Thaddeus St.
Indpls, Ind.
Dear Sis and Frank:
I thought you would like this card because you were always crazy about Will Rogers. I bet it is a surprise to hear I am coming home too isn't it? Well I've had a good time and Shad hasn't much time out of camp now.
    There are a ton of places this story could go when I think of the times, the people, and the circumstances.  Even the style of script means a great deal to me as it’s so similar to my mother’s.  It was very nice to run across this sister-to-sister communication.  I’m going to share it with Aunt Peg again soon.
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