Sunday, August 5, 2018

Free Genealogy Resources From A Generous Genealogist–Thomas MacEntee

    Research books image - Pixabay, CC0 Creative Commons There are many generous genealogists who provide information and education that helps us to improve our research talents.  One of those champions is Thomas MacEntee.  I’ve been gaining valuable genealogy assistance from him for many years through his newsletter, blog posts, webinars and seminars at conferences.  Anyone can take advantage of his offerings through an email signup on his website.  A recent notification I received from Thomas contained a gazillion tips on  “Useful genealogy education resources - and they're free!”  It made me think about all the sharing that goes on in this genealogy research sphere.  I thought I would pass it forward as to how you might get information on Thomas MacEntee, just in case everyone hasn’t heard yet.    Just go to this website and signup for his newsletter:
     I appreciate Thomas’s continuing education very much.
     Enjoy and good hunting to you.

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