Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Among The Newly Shared Weber Family Photos Is This Treasure --- Wordless Wednesday (Almost)

      Following up on my intentions to share the Weber family photos recently acquired due to the generosity of our cousin Carole Greer, here we go.  These carefree folks are three of the Weber sisters with one of their brothers.  Left to right the three ladies sitting and standing against the car are  Alberta, Catherine and Edith.  The guy seated on the running board is Herbert Weber. There's a note on the photo that says that their brother, Clarence, was the photographer.   These siblings were born between 1896 and 1908.  That would be five of the eleven children of Harry Adam and Mary Anna (Keen) Weber of Indianapolis. Alberta, Catherine, Edith, Herbert Weber

      I'm  estimating this photo to be about 1930.  Don't you just love the attire, and especially the ukulele that Catherine seems to be ready to strum.  Looks like a nice Sunday afternoon drive.  Wish I knew more.  But I'm very pleased to have this snippet of the Weber family life. Hope others enjoy it as well.  I'll be sending along more of the same.

     On August 29, last month, I posted the photo of the home where these Webers grew up.  If you'd like to take a look, just page back a few posts.  There are other related posts for this family under the Weber tab in the left column. 

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