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Help Me With A Mystery Person in the Louis Risch Family

     I have a photograph in which two of the three people are identified.  I'm wondering if there's anyone out in the internet hinterlands that might read this and know who this third person could be. Or perhaps someone has a suggestion as a lead.
     I know the lady on the left in the below photograph is Clara Ariens Risch (Mrs. Michael Joseph);  and the man in the center is her father-in-law, Louis Risch (1855 - 1925).    I've been told by a descendant that the person on the right is not Michael Joseph Risch, Clara's husband and a son of Louis.
     The person on the right does appear to be a woman.  She's dressed in military type uniform and has her hair pushed up under her hat.  Louis has two daughters who could qualify for this spot: Clara Mary Risch (1896-1980) and Catherine Anna Risch (1887-1976).  I'm just not able to put either one of them in this photo as the one photo I have of each of them is younger or I can't be sure by looking at them.    

Risch Family, Clara Ariens (Mrs. Michael Risch) and Louis Risch  and  ??

Clara Ariens Risch, Louis Risch and who?
    This Risch family is from Dearborn and Fayette Counties in Indiana and Hamilton County, Ohio.  Some were born one place and died in the other.  My line of this family is through Mathias Risch, Sr, who emigrated to Dearborn County, Indiana, from Hugstetten, Baden, in 1828.  Louis Risch is one of his grandsons.  He lived his entire life in New Alsace, Dearborn County, Indiana.   (For more background, there are a few stories relating to this family in the Family: Risch link in the left column next to this post.)
     I thought it would be fun to see if there's a Risch descendant out there who could provide the information on this mystery lady in the uniform pictured with Louis and Clara.  It's such an interesting photo and I don't know much about the background. Where?  When?  Why?  Or maybe just WHO?   Are you there Risch cousins who can tell me anything???

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