Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Celebrating Our Heritage: The 80th Niehaus Family Reunion

    What an enjoyable gathering we had on Saturday, September 21, 2019 for the 80th Annual Niehaus Reunion!  We brought together a very congenial group - all descendants of Joseph and Gertrude Niehaus.  Our location was just right - Pioneer Park in Mooresville, Indiana. We had another beautiful family heritage quilt raffle, thanks to Marti Fleetwood’s creative skills.  There were so many scrumptious dishes to share no one could decide on their favorite. The weather was outstanding and so was the company. 
     Rosie Walters, our organizer, made the usual seamless arrangements. She's decided to hand those reins on to someone else after generously providing her time and talents for several years. (Moan!) I can't blame her but we'll miss her leadership. Thanks so much Rosie. 
      It’s nice to know we’re continuing this tradition begun in 1939 by the children of our immigrant ancestors, Joseph and Gertrude. Each year we see a few different faces along with the loyal yearly attendees.  Some folks have conflicts and we’ll see them another time.  But one thing is for sure, it's always nice reminiscing all around within the family.  We miss those that have passed along but it’s refreshing to think of them during these reunions and how much the family meant to them. 
     Remembering those Niehaus brothers and sisters at the first reunion 80 years ago, I’m posting the group photo below. The gathering was held in a local Indianapolis park.  Eight of the nine living children of Joseph and Gertrude attended in 1939. They are seated in the row just behind the children: John, Rosa, Clara, Anna, Lena, Feenie, Ben, Minnie. One additional sibling, Joe, wasn’t there.  Maybe he had to work that day.  I also posted below the list of those in the photo, as far as we know. The identifications are about 95% complete.  You can see blanks where we’re still trying to get those names.  If anyone knows who they are, email me at nancyhurley1 at (Click to enlarge.)

1939 Niehaus Family Reunion

        Announcing a bit of 21st century techie news - We now have a Niehaus Family Reunions Facebook group page. It's very easy to find. If you go to FB and search for Niehaus Family Reunions you’ll see the page and you can ask to join.  It’s fun to see the postings there.
        To kick off the sharing from this year, below are some photos of our 2019 reunion.  Also, I am adding more photos to my family reunion page on this website, so take a look when you have a few minutes.  The link is at the end of this post - just click on it.  

       The 2019 Niehaus Reunion is now an addition to the family’s history.  Thanks to each and every one that participated.  You are a treasure!
      Now head on over to the page with more friendly Niehaus faces from September 21, 2019. Click here: Niehaus Family Reunion page. 

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