Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Family History At Its Finest: 2019 Weber Kuhn Family Reunion

      Smiles.  Hugs.  Reflection. Laughs. Updates. Teasing.  Consoling. Playing. Chowing Down.  And a little friendly competition.  The annual Weber Kuhn Family Reunion is a nice event all the way around.  I think I can speak for all of us by saying "It's so great to take time to share an afternoon with this family."

     It was sunny and not too hot when we gathered on August 24, 2019, at the Sarah Bolton Park in Beech Grove, Indiana. Remembering years gone by is always fun, but also having some time to share our current lives is just as special.  Our pitch-in lunch was another yummy feast of chicken, splendid casseroles, fruit creations and lots of desserts. Then, we all made guesses at  the weight of a watermelon and the number of bubble gums in the jar to see who would be chowing down on watermelon and blowing bubbles like crazy.

  Of course, a favorite feature is always the family heritage quilt raffle.  Marti Fleetwood made an outstanding creation that included wedding photos of each of Harry and Tillie Weber's children.  Becky (Holzer) Smith was the lucky winner (left). And we all set out to top this one with the creative quilt squares we made for next year's quilt.  

       From young to a little less young, everyone enjoyed the day. The above photos are just a sample of the reunion moments captured.  Click on the link at the end of this post to go to our reunion  page and see all those beautiful people and camaraderie!
       BUT WAIT ONE  MOMENT!  There was a huge history surprise also this year!  Joyce Holzer showed up with an old scrapbook-looking black book held together with rubber bands.  She handed it to me and said it had belonged to Grandma Weber.  Well, of course, I was so excited, to say the least.  Joyce's brother, Chuck, found it when cleaning out his office.  It's difficult to describe the entire book. This is a type of journal or poetry and news clipping book kept by our grandmother in the 1930s and 1940s.  There are many pages in Grandma's own writing and pages of newspaper clippings. We all examined it that day, drawing many varied opinions of what the writings and clippings meant; and/or if Grandma Weber composed some of them herself. We may never know.  But this is surely a treasure.  And it's fascinating!
     I promise to scan every page and provide those scans to anyone in the family who's interested.  For now, I'm including a few example pages here:  

     Let me know what you think or imagine about this book.

     Thanks again everyone in our Weber Kuhn family who came to the 2019 reunion.  It was so good to share some time with you.
LINK to Family Reunion Photo Page. ( Lots more great photos are there.)

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