Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Making More Family History - 2013 Weber Kuhn Reunion

Last Saturday, August 24, 2013, put another page in the family history.  Our Kuhn-Weber descendants came together to reminisce and to keep the memories piling up. I believe everyone there would agree that the good times kept rolling. 
My 2013 summary and several photos are posted on our Weber Kuhn Reunion page. Click here for the update.  Thanks so much to every family member who took part. What a nice day! 
Just for fun…..here’s a photo in about 1953 of Tillie Kuhn Weber with eight of her grandchildren.  Then….fast forward to 2012 and the next photo of Tillie’s grandchildren.  Can you match those faces after almost 50 years?!

Grandma Weber with grandkids, about 1953.Weber Kuhn cousins, 2012.

For those who weren’t able to attend the reunion, I’ve posted the latest family newsletter.   here’s a link to the 2013 Weber Kuhn Tribune newsletter.


  1. i am trying to connect the dots so to speak. all i know is my husbands grandfather francis taft kuhn . he was son of cassius croft kuhn and agnes hill. cassius had 2 sisters letha and lulu. cassius was the son of john kuhn and lyra appleton. they lived in liberty indiana. francis was an only child. his parents divorced. we do not know of any other marriages. my email is dkuhn@rnetinc.net

  2. Hello Fellow Kuhn Ancestor, I am glad that you have found an interest in researching your Kuhn ancestry. As always, the beginning is you, (or in this case, your husband). Start putting together any documents on birth, death, residence, marriage, etc., for yourselves and your parents and grandparents. And talk to anyone living who may remember any family history. Then, you are ready to get into "connecting the dots." I am looking for a few records to help you get started and will pass them along to you at your email address. Have a great time discovering family history. Nancy


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