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Welcome to the Weber Kuhn Family Reunion page.  Here you'll find memories from the annual gathering of the descendants of Harry and Tillie (Kuhn) Weber, of Indianapolis, Indiana. The families represented here include Ditlinger, Holzer, Kuhn, Niehaus, Stull and Weber - and many collateral families.  Page down to find reunions for 2011 through 2019:  
August 27, 2011:  The Weber Kuhn family gathered at Sarah Bolton Park in Beech Grove, Indiana, for our first-in-a-long-time reunion. Attending were family members of all of the six siblings in Harry and Tillie (Kuhn) Weber's family.  We were so happy to have our family's beloved Aunts Peg, Ruth and Emma and Uncle Mel with us.  The reminiscing was super and mostly, seeing everyone was fabulous. Photos giving a sample of the 2011 reunion fun are below. Family members are welcome to download or I will email them to you.

August 11, 2012: The 2012 Weber Kuhn Reunion (photo below) at Sarah Bolton Park in Beech Grove, Indiana, was full of fun activities and great conversation. We all gathered around 11:00 a.m. with our pitch-in food,  silent auction items and lots of photos and stories to share.  There were even more people attending this year than last.  Marti Fleetwood made announcements for the day. Larry and Susan Holzer put their special touch on the silent auction so that we all could bid wildly. Several of us contributed to the family history table with photos, stories and discussions of the family. The raffle of our  first Family Memories Quilt created by Peg Stull was very popular as well. Ron Lindblom went home with the cherished quilt.  Dick Jenkins did a super job of assembling everyone for the group photo to preserve the event. The children were happy having the playground and  volleyball.   What a nice group of people with which to share family history and make new memories.
Weber Kuhn Family assembled for the 2012 Reunion
2012 Weber Kuhn Reunion - Indianapolis, IN

Click on the photo below for a slideshow capturing moments from the 2012 Weber Kuhn Reunion: Weber Kuhn Reunion 2012

August 24, 2013:  Another Weber Kuhn Reunion helped to secure those special family ties.  The descendants of Bob, Rose, Gin, Peg, Dolly and Harry Weber enjoyed an afternoon of reminiscing at the Sarah Bolton Park in Beech Grove, Indiana.  We all sampled delicious food, from meatballs and fried chicken to German potato salad and apple crisp.  There were photo contests, family history research chats, the heritage quilt and crocheted afghan raffles, along with our silent auction.   Most importantly, the conversations among aunts, grandparents, uncles, children and cousins were circulating wildly.  The hours flew by!  Here are a few glimpses of the festivities:


2014 Weber Kuhn Reunion --  August 23:
     The day was hot and humid, appropriate for all these native Hoosiers to join together for our 2014 Weber Kuhn Reunion.  But there sure wasn't any stickiness or dampening of the fun.  We shared the latest family updates, had our raffles and contests, explored old photos together and just enjoyed the good company.  


2015 Weber Kuhn Reunion --  August 22  --
     There was another day of remembering our Weber Kuhn family on August 22, 2015, at the Sarah Bolton Park in Beech Grove, Indiana.  Approximately 50 to 60  of us enjoyed the gathering, sharing food, conversation and just being together.  Below is a slideshow of this pleasant family event. Just click on the photo to see the album:
Weber Kuhn Reunion 2015
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2016 Weber Kuhn Reunion, August 27:
     The 2016 reunion was wet and humid but even more fun than ever!  Surely you can tell by these photos what a great family like this can make from a rainy day together.

    The weather was overcast as we setup so we kept everything underneath our shelter.  Then the rains came down heavy.  But we just squeezed together a slight bit more for our lunch so that no one got wet.  When the brief August downpour stopped there were plenty of mud puddles for the kids to enjoy and the temp was lowered for a while.  So our visits were more comfortable. It turned out to be a great day for a reunion.   (The group photo is included in the main blog page.  A link is below.)

2017 Weber Kuhn Family Reunion
     The 2017 Weber Kuhn Family Reunion on August 26 at Sarah Bolton Park in Beech Grove, Indiana, was another memorable and super family day.  We all enjoyed the company.   Here are a few photos capturing the pleasantries.

2018 Weber Kuhn Family Reunion
     Well, it was another wet one!  But the shelter kept us out of the rain and it soon stopped and became a pleasant day for the 2018 Weber Kuhn Family Reunion on August 25 at Sarah Bolton Park in Beech Grove, Indiana. Following are some photos giving a sample of the great family interactions.  



2019 Weber Kuhn Family Reunion

     What a perfectly beautiful day ---  great company  -  lovely weather -  yummy food - surprise family history. The 2019 Weber Kuhn Family Reunion on August 24  at Sarah Bolton Park in Beech Grove, Indiana, brought a fine group of folks together for a memorable time.  Following are some photos from this nice event. I haven't provided names for each photo, but would be glad to do that if you need them. ( CLICK HERE To Go to the blog post for more surprises!)

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