Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Tuesday's Tip: Indiana, Marion County Research at Familysearch.org

     Cruising around for research ideas can be fun.  You never know what might be new at the places you’ve been before. I had almost forgotten about this very helpful research page until today: Marion County, Indiana, at Familysearch.org.Indiana marion county image courtesy of the familysearch.org website.
     I’m making an effort to learn more about the lives of my ancestors.  To increase my understanding of how they lived day-to-day, how they may have thought, what they did for a living, how they traveled, how they cooked or what clothes they wore, etc.   I was reminded through a quick web search that the Family Search site has a nice selection of links to resources for finding ancestors as well as historical background and articles giving advice on researching various topics.  
     For instance, the Newspapers link on the page took me to the Indiana Farmer Newspaper archive on the Purdue website.   I was soon browsing “How Studebaker Automobiles Are Made”- thinking of my Uncle Harry and his career as a Studebaker mechanic.  (Anne, Nancy and Kathy:  Here’s the link to that article.) Studebaker Lark from Studebaker Corporation online story. There’s a treasure trove of agricultural history on this page, including Indiana State Fair background.  The Indiana Farmer archive is at this link:   Purdue elibrary resources for Indiana Farmer.
     The Marion County resources page at familysearch.org contains a boat load of information, such as, civil war regimental pages, maps, school records, cemeteries and property links.  Just wanted to pass along this mention in case others need a reminder, as I do occasionally. 

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