Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Wordless Wednesday (Almost) – Winter at the Webers’ on Singleton Street, Indianapolis

2160 Singleton Street, Indianapolis, Indiana
     Snowstorms!  Any of us who’ve lived in the Midwest area of these United States have memories of a few.  And the winter of 2013-2014 is providing a gigantic memory load for the future.  Mother Nature is in the midst of the next blizzard in Indianapolis as I write this, 8-13” expected.  This season’s snowfall has broken the records at over 36 inches, so far.   I’m reminded of this photo of the home at 2160 Singleton Street, Indianapolis, from the scrapbook of my uncle, Bob Weber. During this storm Harry and Tillie Weber’s children, Bob, Rose, Gin, Peg, Dolly and Harry must have been wondering about possible closures, whether they would be going to work or school.  Now, I need a current photo to keep alongside this one!
     Thanks for visiting Indiana Ties.  Stay warm and safe everyone!
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  1. Yeah I'll be sure to run out and take a picture today. NOT!!!!!
    We're all sick to death of this stuff.
    You lucky so and so. All nice and warm and able to get around.....
    Enjoy it for ALL OF US,

  2. Had to laugh at Marilyn's response! I googled it and a picture came up.....nice sunny, summer picture! Looks like they've enclosed the front porch! Here's a link.
    If that doesn't work, I went to google maps, typed in the address and the map came up with a little picture on the left. When I clicked on the picture, it enlarged to screen size. Seeing that summery picture makes me want spring and summer to come ASAP! But that would be wishing my life away......LOL
    Send sunshine and warmth! - Anne

  3. The diamond shaped windows are gone too! I am looking the correct house, aren't I????

    1. Yes, you're absolutely right Anne. The diamond windows are gone and the porch is enclosed. But doesn't the home look great?! Still a nice family neighborhood. Wouldn't it be great to go knock on the door and see if we could have a tour?
      I'm trying to concentrate very hard on sending you all some warmth. It will be so nice when it does get there. Keep smiling, Nancy


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