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Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - A Favorite Family Photograph

I'm participating in Randy Seaver's Saturday Night Genealogy Fun.  He posts at  Randy's challenge for tonight is:
For this week's mission (should you decide to accept it), I challenge you to:
1)  Show us one of your favorite photographs of your family - a group, yourself, your mom, your dad, your sibling(s), your grandparents, etc.  Tell us about it - the date, the event, the setting, the persons in the photograph.
2)  Share it on your own blog, in a comment on this blog, or on Facebook or Google+.
     For my photo selection I decided to jump all the way back to 1940.  This one's a favorite becauseNiehaus Reunion, Garfield Park, Indianapolis, 15 September 1940 I just saw it for the first time last year and it was taken just one month before my parents were married.  So, it doesn't include me or my siblings. But I think it really does qualify as a "family group photo." This is a Niehaus Family Reunion photo taken on 15 September, 1940, at Garfield Park, a popular spot for our family's reunion on the south side of Indianapolis. 
     My parents are the fourth and fifth persons from the left in the third row back of adults (not counting the row of children sitting on the ground).  They are Rosemary Weber and Frank Niehaus.   I won't name all of these people.  But to complete the family listing, I'll name the elders of this group who are seated in the middle of the first row of adults.  They are children of the immigrant ancestors, Joseph and Gertrude Niehaus, who came to Indianapolis in 1886.   The fifth person from the left in that row is Wilhelmina "Minnie" (Niehaus) Kirn, the sixth person is my grandfather and Frank's father, John Niehaus, seventh person is Clara (Niehaus) Sapp, eighth person is Helena "Lena" (Niehaus) Kleinsmith, ninth person is Josephine "Feenie" (Niehaus) Stull, tenth person is Rosa (Niehaus) Lark, eleventh person is Anna "Annie" (Niehaus) Donahue and last on the right is the widow of Gerald Niehaus, Amanda "Mandy" (Marsh) Niehaus. 
     A cousin of mine who lives across the country from me shared this photo via email.  It's so nice to have those contacts through the Internet.  She also generously shared other photos and stories passed through her family.  And to top  it off, she visited Indianapolis for the 2014 Niehaus Reunion with her daughter.  It's only right that I pass this photo along to any other cousins who would like to tell their descendants about their family.  If you are related, just let me know if you'd like to receive a copy.
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