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Church Record: Beerman, Siegbert Marriage on May 4, 1811 in Riesenbeck, Westphalia

     Today I’m featuring a German marriage document for the collection here at Indiana Ties. Maybe this will be the one that helps a distant cousin to find that missing link.  My church record today skips back to 1811 to the marriage of Gerhard Heinrich Beerman and Anna Maria Elizabeth Siegbert.
     Below is a page from the marriage records of St. Kalixtus Catholic Church in Riesenbeck, Westphalia.  I'll provide a little assistance to understand the record as we go. (Isn’t it more fun to peruse the list of German names here than to have me snip out only the one line of Gerhard and Anna Maria’s record?)
     First, across the top of the page are the column headings: Name of Groom, Date of birth, Occupation, Name of Bride, Date of birth, and the last two columns are for information and dates.  The top half of the page was used for several 1810 announcements of banns, or pending marriages. And on the lower half of the page you see 1811 listings of couples and their marriage dates.  The infinity symbol in the column before the dates here is stating that the marriage took place. So now, scan down the page, almost at the bottom, to the red arrow I have inserted next to Gerhard and Anna Maria’s marriage on 4 May 1811.

Beerman Siegbert Marriage, Riesenbeck, Westphalia, 4 May  1811
My Transcription of the marriage information next to the red arrow:

Name of  the Groom: Beermann, Gerh. Heinr., born 30 May 1790, birthplace: Bergesh., Occupation of the groom: Leineweber/Linenweaver
Name of the Bride: Siegbert, A. Mar. Eliz., born 24 Dec 1786, birthplace: Bergeshov.  Marriage date: 4 May 1811.

To complete this family picture somewhat, here are a few more related facts:
-- The Bergesh. abbreviation in the transcription above, after the birthplace of both Gerhard and Anna, is Bergeshovede. This village is outside Riesenbeck that in 1811 was in the Kingdom of Westphalia.  Today’s location of Riesenbeck is in northwestern Germany: Steinfurt, Munster, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany. 
-- Our family line from Gerhard Beerman and Anna Maria Siegbert carries on through their daughter, Maria Anna Beerman, born 7 Jan 1813.
-- Maria Beerman married Josef Niehues in this same Riesenbeck church on 10 Oct 1843. Their son, Heinrich Joseph Niehues/Niehaus was born 11 Feb 1843.
-- Joseph Niehaus married Gertrude Wilmsen on 24 June 1873 in the Catholic Church in Emsdetten, Westphalia, a few miles from Riesenbeck.
-- Joseph and Gertrude emigrated to Indianapolis, Indiana, in 1885.  And the story has many more chapters eminating from their large family.
     If you see more information that I missed on this record, or you have a question, leave me a message below.  My plan for uploading documents such as this marriage is to spread out their benefit.  I’m featuring these items of family history evidence in my blog posts as well as listing them on the Documents page above for easy reference. They come from all types of sources, from civil war pension files to wills to coroner’s reports.  I’ll get around to loading many more eventually.   Meanwhile, let me know if there might be a particular piece of information in my hands that could help you in your research.  I’m happy to pass it along.

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Research Information:
I have uploaded a copy of the above church record to my Family History collection on Scribd. Here’s a link to that page.  
The birth, marriage and death records from the St. Kalixtus Catholic Church in Riesenbeck are available on microfilm from the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah, or at a local Family History Center.(Kirchenbuch, 1610-1873, Katholische Kirche Riesenbeck (Kr. Tecklenburg), Marriages, 1811) Here’s a link to the film information. 

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