Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Weber Girls Gathering, 2006 - Wordless Wednesday (Almost)

     Here’s another of my “Wordless Wednesday Almost” family memories, specifically, one that extends my Women’s History Month posts into the month of April.
      In 2006 a few of my Weber family gathered to visit with their aunt/sister, Gin (Weber) Niehaus, at the Altenheim Retirement Center, in Indianapolis.  It seems impossible that about ten years have passed since this get-together. These gals haven’t aged one bit.  The smiles in this photo below say how much fun we have together.  Not all of our cousins could be there, but these ladies represent five of the six Weber families.  We were happy to have one male cousin, Bill Niehaus, with us for the day. For this one I’m sure he won’t mind if we include just the girls.
Weber Cousins gathering in 2006.
Front row, left to right:
Marilyn (Niehaus) Schuster, Nancy (Niehaus) Hurley, Martha (Niehaus) Fleetwood, Nancy (Weber) Gholson.
Back row:
Anne (Weber) Graham, Mary Anne (Stull) Lindblom, Janet (Weber) Jenkins, Rose (Stull) Walters, Kathy (Weber) Brodhacker.

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