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Marriage Return: Henry A. Weber & Mary Anna Keen, October, 1886

     This marriage record for my great grandparents was recorded in Marion County Circuit Court, Indianapolis, Indiana, in October 1886.  As usual, there are several pieces of history in this one discovery.  The information confirms that Henry A. Weber was a merchant at the time of his marriage at the age of 27.  I knew from other records that somewhere around 1887 he established the Weber & Zimmer Dry Goods Store with his partner, Louis Zimmer.   This record is important because it shows me that he was already a merchant in October of 1886. Harry’s father and mother’s names are also listed.  And then, of course, the bride’s information in this record confirms this is the correct couple by her name, age and place of residence: Mary A. Keen, Indpls, Ind., age 26. 
      The marriage returns at this time in Marion County, Indiana, were recorded in a large ledger book.  Their marriage record spanned 13 columns across two pages in the ledger.  So, the copies from the microfilm had to be made in four pages to get all the information.   Harry and Mary’s marriage record below reads across the four pieces that are posted.  A light yellow line highlights the correct line.   I see that my copy shows only the month and year of this page and that there are no other dates that appear on the page. (I confirmed in the church that the marriage date is 21 October 1886.) The transcription of this record is underneath the posted copies. 

Record of Marriage from Marion County, Indiana:
Book 2, 1885-1888, No. 210, County Clerk's archives, October 1886
Groom:  Henry A. Weber
Residence: Indpls, Ind.
Age next birthday:  27
Color: W
Occupation:  Merchant
Place of birth:  Indpls. Ind.
Father:  Adam Weber
Mother's maiden name:  Amalia Mercuel
Groom's marriage: 1
Bride: Mary A. Keen
Residence:  Indpls., Ind.
Age next birthday:  26
Color: W
     I obtained this record in the City Archives located in the basement of the City County Building on Market Street in downtown Indianapolis.  The staff is very helpful in providing the microfilm rolls but you must have at least a year of the marriage so that they can locate the right roll.  You can then sit at the microfilm machine and put your eyes on your people.    To learn more about Marion County, Indiana, records, take a look at the Family Search Wiki: Marion County, Indianapolis, Indiana, Records:,_Indiana_Genealogy#Marriage_Records

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