Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Weber & Zimmer Dry Goods Store Gains A Face -- An Exciting Family Find

   One of the most exciting and surprising discoveries that I've had lately is due to the generosity of a blog reader.  I wrote a family story that made a connection for this young man.  When he came across the story he got in touch with me and shared photos that give that story so much more detail.

Weber & Zimmer Dry Good Store, Virginia Ave., Indianapolis     Andy Jenkins found my post about the Weber & Zimmer Dry Goods store operated by my great grandfather, Harry Adam Weber, and his partner, Louis Zimmer. (I'll post the link to that story below.)  He contacted me to say that Louis Zimmer was his great grandfather.  We don't know of any family ties as yet.  But the lives of these two men, and probably their families, were definitely intertwined.  They operated this business in Indianapolis from 1886 to 1912.  I was very pleased when Andy offered to share photos.  I had hoped to see someday what that dry goods store looked like.  But I expected I might come across it in a historical publication showing Virginia Avenue in the Fountain Square district of Indianapolis.  Weber & Zimmer Dry Goods Store, Indianapolis, 1886 - 1912What a surprise that Louis Zimmer's great grandson would bring me these pictures of the Weber & Zimmer dry goods store.  ……. Genealogy happy dance time ..…

     We don't yet know who the people are standing in front of the store.  There are more details to study and pieces to add to this story.  Isn't it a nice feeling that someone, like Andy, would decide to share with a stranger a closer look at a shared piece of our history.


Here's the link to my post that provides more background on Weber and Zimmer:  http://www.indianaties.com/2014/09/henry-adam-weber-weber-zimmer-dry-goods.html/

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