Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Weber Scrapbook: Getting Ready To Go Fishing --- Wordless Wednesday (Almost)

     Isn’t it fun, and mind-boggling at times, the degree to which a photo communicates?!  This Wordless Wednesday (Almost) photo presents a volume of information….if we listen.  Thanks to my cousin, Janet, for once again sharing Uncle Bob's albums at our recent family reunion.  Every time I have the opportunity to see these photo collections I spot a few that I don’t remember from the last time. Harry Lawrence and Edward Ditlinger at Ed's home in North Vernon, Indiana.
     This photo is speaking loud and clear of relaxation, adventure, peace and more.  The two men, Harry L. Weber and his brother-in-law, Ed Ditlinger, are busy preparing for a fishing trip.  Ed and his wife, Edith, owned a farm in Jennings County, Indiana. My grandfather, Harry, and others in the family went fishing and hunting at the farm. I estimate this photo was taken in the early 1930s.      
     Here we can see the two guys assembling their necessities for the trip.  There are pots and pans, a lantern and wool blankets.  Harry might possibly be folding a tent at the front of the car.  You can see their wader boots lined up on the ground.  I’m wondering what the canvas on the side of the car is for.  Maybe it turns into one of those tents that’s attached to the car for a sleeping arrangement.
     This post turned out to be an extra-wordy Wordless Wednesday.  Regardless, I’ll leave it as is, knowing so much more could be said. I can taste those fresh fish now.  Oh how I love ‘em!
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  1. I could see my dad's profile in Harry L. Weber when I first looked at this picture! Then I read further and realized that it was not him. I've never seen this picture, but being married to someone who loves to fish, I also love this picture! Thanks!

    1. Oh yeah! You can sure see your dad in that profile. I'll keep looking for more fishing photos to share.

  2. Anne, I thought the same thing when I first saw it!!

    1. I'm so glad you guys are enjoying these photos too!


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