Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Tuesday Tip -- Record Reference “Cheat Sheets” Free Online at Family Tree Magazine

    I’m getting ready to create a timeline for a second great grandfather who’s been stubborn about revealing himself.  It’s time to paint a clearer picture of the foggy places in his story.  I decided to pull out my Records Checklist early to remind myself where I might find clues to these blanks.  That’s when I thought of the helpful free resources at Family Tree Magazine’s website.  I went there again to be sure my checklist was up-to-date before plunging into this next research exploration. 
     Visiting the Record References page where the checklist is reminded me of how much organizational and historical assistance is included there for free.  So, I thought I’d share a link to the page to possibly give someone else a lead or two.

    Here’s a brief excerpt and a link to that information:

Record References:  http://www.familytreemagazine.com/info/recordreferences

Don’t waste time searching for records that don’t exist—these cheat sheets list available records and time periods.  Here’s a list of the cheat sheets currently available:
Naturalization Laws Timeline
Records Checklist
War Service Reference Guide
Where to Look for 1880 DDD Supplemental Census Records
Vital Records Chart

     Happy hunting.  Thanks for visiting Indiana Ties,


  1. Thanks, Nancy!! This is going to come in handy!! Haven't had time to do much research lately, but probably when the weather turns cold there will be lots of time to continue my genealogy digging! Thanks again! - Anne

    1. I can see you this winter burning up those checklists. ;)


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