Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Christmas Past 2002 – Wow! How Could It Be 15 Years? --- Wordless Wednesday Almost

2002 Christmas, Sisters: Linda May, Nancy Hurley, Marti Fleetwood

       I’m in that mode…reflecting with wonderment at the number of years that have passed as I sort through the multitude of old photos on my computer. Yes, it's the same old tune....yada, yada, yada. You know how it goes.  I’ll just take a few minutes to find a couple of photos to share at our family gathering. Then, the next thing you know the sun’s going down and your still “sorting.”
            So now, of course, I have another folder and too many ideas for using this group of photos.  Anyway, I'll get started by a selection for Wordless Wednesday (Almost).  Appropriately, I'm going 15 years ago to Christmas 2002 with my two sisters: Linda, Nancy and Martha.   We were enjoying our time at our annual holiday get-together. They'll be glad to see us all.💗😏

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