Sunday, January 14, 2018

More Risch Family Connections --- A Surprise Cousin Emerges From My Childhood

     My latest cousin connection has an extra layer of curiosity.  A few weeks ago I was contacted through email by someone who found family history at Indiana Ties that he thought linked us together.  That alone is always reason for excitement.  But then I read on further in his message to find that we had really been connected many years ago in another way.  Joe reminded me of his name and that we had attended St. Roch’s  elementary school on Indianapolis’s south side together.  He gave me the family connection that made us 3rd cousins through Mathias Risch and Julianna Leppert.  Well knock me over!  All those years in the classroom together and we never had any inkling we were related.
    Of course, the messages have been flying back and forth between us.  We’re having a great time sharing stories and photos and talking through our knowledge.  There are family stories that Joe has passed along and some he’s still gathering from living individuals.   I plan to write them down for anyone who would be interested.  This Risch line is very large and I know there are others out there who would enjoy the history as much as we do. 
     For now, I thought I would share this wonderful family photo that Cousin Joe was kind enough to forward to me.  The lady in the center is Caroline Risch Busald, my great grand aunt and Joe’s great grandmother.  Her husband, Frank Busald, is seated on her left.  The entire family group is listed under the photo.  I believe this photo is taken around 1910 – 1915, judging from the ages of the family members.  Frank and Caroline moved from the farm in Dearborn County to Indianapolis, Indiana, in 1914.  Maybe that was the occasion when they decided to get everyone together for the family photo.
Frank & Caroline Risch Busald family, Dearborn County, Indiana and Indianapolis, Indiana, about 1914

Busald Family
Front row, left to right:  Clara Busald Strack, Caroline Risch Busald, Frank Busald, Julia Busald, Joseph Busald
Back Row: Addie Busald Wetli, Michael Busald, Elizabeth Busald Volz, Samuel Busald, Mary Busald Willett, Albert Busald, Flora Busald

     If you are another Risch cousin happening onto this family history, we'd love to hear from you.  Send me an email at nancyhurley1 at   Join the crowd!
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