Thursday, October 24, 2013

Treasure Chest Thursday - Grandma’s Lamp

Grandma's Lamp 1The treasure I’m posting about this week is completely new to me, and very special.  Thanks to Marilyn (Niehaus) Schuster for the surprise contribution for Treasure Chest Thursday!  As soon as I launched the series last week, Marilyn shared information about a family heirloom she has in her possession.  This lovely table lamp belonged to our grandmother, Tillie (Kuhn) Weber.  Many years ago, at least 50,  Tillie passed it along to her daughter, Gin (Weber) Niehaus.  And, as time went on, Marilyn received it from her mother.
No one knows exactly the age or when Tillie gave the lamp to Aunt Gin.  It could be that this was a purchase soon after Tillie and Harry married in 1913.  Or, is it possible that Tillie’s mother owned it at one time?  Maybe Tillie gave it to Gin when she married in 1942.    It’s fun to speculate! 
Marilyn’s message to me was:  “It was in the cabin for over thirty years.  I have it here in my bedroom.”  Members of this family have fond memories of being at “the cabin” at Prince’s Lake in southern Indiana. Gin and Ed purchased the land and Ed built the cottage early in their marriage.  I’m glad this lamp survived those gatherings that included lots of young people enjoying themselves.  It’s so nice that Grandma’s lamp is still with Marilyn, reminding her of people, places and happenings.   
Oh, by the way, if anyone knows about this type of lamp and would like to contribute to the description, that would be fantastic.  For now, the nice reflections on family history that come “to light” with this treasure is enough. 
Where are your treasures?  Any you want to share here?   After thinking about what items I’ve been saving and where they are in our home, I came up with quite a selection of treasures to photograph last week.  Now I’m thinking of better ways to store these items, maybe a sortof hardware version of this treasure chest. 
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