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Happy Anniversary Tillie and Harry Weber

One hundred years agoKuhn Weber Wedding - Harry and Tillie  1913 today Otillia Catherine Kuhn and Harry Lawrence Weber married in Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Indianapolis, Indiana.  Little did they know the paths they would take together, some happy, some sad.  They became the parents of six children, the grandparents and further great grandparents of many.  Tillie and Harry started quite a story on June 4, 1913.  Today, I am celebrating their 100th anniversary with a few photo remembrances:


First, here’s one of their studio photos of the wedding party.  The group included Tillie’s sister, Clara, and her niece Dot Hinz.  Also, participating in the wedding were Harry’s brother, Walter, his little sister, Catherine, and two of his cousins, Leonard Paetz and Albert Keen. 


They lived in Indianapolis, Indiana, their entire lives.  In the photo 25th Wed Anniversary, 1938below, the family is posing on Tillie and Harry’s 25th anniversary in 1938.  Their children are, seated on her father’s right - Dolores “Dolly;” behind her - Rosemary “Rose;” Robert “Bob;” Margaret “Peg;” Virginia “Gin” and Harry Joseph.  


The party took place at the home of Tillie’s sister, Julia (Kuhn) Hinz, at 1514 South Talbott Street, Indianapolis.  My Aunt Peg has a keen remembrance of the yard and the home in these photos, so I am sure of the location. 

In the next photo below, we have a grouping of the Kuhn cousins, dressed up for the wedding anniversary celebration.  They are named on the photo.  There is one of the male cousins missing,Kuhn Cousins 1938 but overall I’d say the girls are predominating in the Kuhns. Wouldn’t you?


My final photo in this anniversary remembrance, captures a portion of Harry Lawrence Weber’s siblings and their children.  There were a few missing, but these are fine representatives.  This get-together was at the home of Jack and May (Weber, Harry’s sister) Lieland.  May must be taking the picture, since the rest of her family appears. The names are printed at the bottom as well as I am able to identify them at this time. Weber Lieland Ditlinger Cordell Family 1937 

Obviously, Harry and Tillie felt it was important to be with family.  I know their children enjoyed many good times with their Kuhn and Weber cousins.


I wonder! Are there Hinz, Kuhn, Sauer, Lieland, Ditlinger, Cordell or Weber cousins who have a short story or two about Tillie and Harry’s family?!#$%

I am always open to family history chatting.  Leave your memories in the comment box below or send an email to nancyhurley1 at gmail dot com.  Also,  if you’d like to take a look back, I have posted a pedigree chart at this link that outlines the Kuhn and Weber ancestry.    

Thanks for visiting and helping me celebrate Harry and Tillie’s Anniversary!


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