Saturday, May 12, 2012

What Is It About Those Ancestors?

Do you know why finding a new piece of family history is so exciting?  Maybe it's just the success of locating an elusive, hidden fact.  Maybe it's completing that quest, getting a step closer to  making the pieces all fit.  Or just perhaps it's the connection to someone in our past that's personal. After all, they are who we are.  I think it's all of the above.   Digging into our family history to find what our ancestors were like, where they lived and what kind of experiences they went through in their lives satisfies a curiosity and completes a picture.

I know one thing for sure.  The challenge of finding those pieces of the family history puzzle draws me deeper into the mystery.  As I complete a portion of the challenge, I write that chapter.  Then I want to learn more.  The searching is also a good deal of the enjoyment, since there are people you already know and those you meet who become important parts of the trip.  Some contribute their knowledge or recollections, others share in the excitement, and some are new cousins who would never have crossed paths if not for a common interest in a third great grandparent.

What is it about those Ancestors?  It's success.  It's personal.  It's curiosity.  It's Who We Are.  

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