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Welcome to the Niehaus Family Reunion Page.  Here you'll find memories from the annual gatherings of our Niehaus family, all descended from Joseph and Gertude Niehaus, immigrants to Indianapolis in 1886.  Below are photos beginning in 1939 up to the most current reunion.  Enjoy! 


September 21, 2019 - 80th Reunion:
     The 2019 Niehaus Family Reunion is a bit of our history now and it was a very nice time creating it.  This time we celebrated 80 years of these gatherings.  The event was at Pioneer Park in Mooresville, Indiana, on September 21.  We had another beautiful new family addition, six week old Waylon Stover (below with his parents Kaylee and Cody).  Terri Dunn was the winner of this year's family heritage quilt.  She's below on the right, with Marti Fleetwood, the quilter.  I've posted more on the Indiana Ties homepage about the event.  Here are some photos capturing a few highlights.  There will be additions to these photos later, including the group photo of everyone.  See you later.


Thanks to all the Niehaus family who made this 
2019 reunion another memorable day!


September 15, 2018:
     The 2018 Niehaus Family Reunion was on September 15 at Pioneer Park in Mooresville, Indiana.  We remembered those who can't be with us any more, including Peg Stull, who passed away in July.  And we enjoyed seeing the newest members of the clan, including little Willow Moreland who is ten months old.  There were friendly visits all around and even a few iphone face visits for those far away.  We included a new cousin as well who just made a DNA connection in the Hickman family.  We enjoy seeing everyone and hope to have even more join the gathering for the 80th reunion in 2019.  Here's a sample of the folks having fun at the 2018 Niehaus Reunion, beginning with the beautiful Willow Moreland with her beaming grandpa, Doug Walters.

Willow with Grandpa Doug

Briley Deckard is always a joy!
Marti Fleetwood, Quilter, and her cousin, Evelyn Simmerman, The Winner!

Dianna Pugh get a big hug from her niece, Brenda Hennigan

Jerry Hurley  & Marti Fleetwood share a laugh.
Kate and her cute little one, Cuyler Brenchley

Shara, Amy and Jackie Visit by Phone With A Cousin
Evelyn with her son, Bill Mannix

Joyce Daniels and Mom, Evelyn Simmerman, enjoying photos.
Brandon Jackskon samples the lovely lunch.
Jim Buis with his nephew, Dennis Buis III, Pork

Lisa Rhoades and Jim Stull take a look at family photo albums.

Lisa Rhoades, Dad Mike Collins and cousin, Terri Dunn
Aniah Buis with Dad, Pork Buis (Dennis III)

And here's a great 
representation of the youth
of the Niehaus family:
Piper Jackson with an arm around her cousin, Scotty Moreland, and little Willow Moreland riding along.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------ September 10, 2017:
     The Niehaus family enjoyed a mild, sunny day for the 2017 reunion on September 10 at Pioneer Park in Mooresville, Indiana.  The group represented several generations, from less than one year old Cuyler Brenchley to 93 year old Peg Stull.  I'm posting a few photos of this friendly family below, starting with photo of Cuyler with his mom, Kate and Peg with her daughter and son-in-law, Mary Anne and Ron Lindblom.  The group photo ties it all together at the end below.  Thanks for visiting our page.  


September 10, 2016:
The 2016 Niehaus Family Reunion took place on Saturday, September 10, at the Pioneer Park, Mooresville, Indiana.  It was rainy for a while but we had a good place to visit under the shelter until the weather cleared.  As usual, there was a delicious pitch-in meal and many nice conversations. The heritage quilt raffle and silent auction were part of the fun also.   We all thank Rosie Walters for organizing this event for us.  Our 77-year family tradition carries on as we see the generations mature and families expand.  The following photos are a glimpse at the camaraderie and fun.  To read the blog post with more about the annual Niehaus Reunion, CLICK HERE.

Memory Lane: Old family photo surfaces - 2015 --  After sharing a few memories with a cousin recently, Sharon Ellis Spears, she took a look through old photos and came up with this picture of the family of John Niehaus with his children and grandchildren at the 1956 family reunion.  I posted about it on the blog on October 14, 2015.  With the help of Sharon we have all the names of those appearing in this wonderful snapshot in time.  I'm including one version of the photo with numbers so that you can follow the list with the photo more easily.

1. Sharon Ellis
2. Joyce Sprinkle
3. Donna Niehaus
4. John Niehaus (grandpa)
5. Michael Sprinkle
6. Diana Ellis
7. Brenda Sprinkle
8. Ruth Niehaus (grandma)
9. Kenny Niehaus
10. Nancy Niehaus
11. Martha Niehaus
12. Linda Niehaus
13 Don Niehaus
14. Kitty Niehaus
15. Jim Niehaus
16. Norris Niehaus (son of John)
17. Charlotte (Niehaus) Baxter (daughter of John), holding son, Van Baxter
18. Evelyn (Ellis) Sprinkle
19. Shirley (Ellis) Jones
20. Anne Niehaus
21. Rosemary Niehaus
22. Robert Niehaus (son of John)
23. Van Baxter
24. Frank Niehaus (son of John)
25. Charles Niehaus (son of John)
Additions to my list, thanks to cousin Sharon: 
Behind #17, Aunt Charlotte, is the top of the head of Dick Jones, Shirley's husband.
#18, Evelyn, is holding her son, Jay Sprinkle.
 September 2015 --  The Niehaus family gathered once again at the nice facilties at the Pioneer Park in Mooresville, Indiana, on September 12, 2015, for our annual reunion. The company and the weather were both very pleasant. Here are Scotty Moreland, with his mom, Connie and his cousin, Ryan Barrett, taking a few minutes to create a heritage quilt square. (There's a link to more photos below.)
2015 Niehaus Reunion, Scotty Moreland, Connie Walters, Ryan Barrett

 Our family history table this year included a display of the 1940 Niehaus Reunion Photo that was recently shared by a cousin living in Arizona, Patsy Cracraft.  Fortunately, there were a few who could help to identify those relatives from 75 years ago.  But we'll keep working toward the goal of having the name for each one of those faces.  Below is that special group from 1940.

1940 Niehaus Reunion, Garfield Park, Indianapolis, Indiana

Take a look at the photo album of memories we made during the 2015 Niehaus Reunion. Click here:


September 2014 --  The 2014 Niehaus Reunion occurred on September 14 at Pioneer Park in Mooresville, Indiana. There were many friendly visits, quite an array of food for sharing and even a lively silent auction and corn hole games

      We had family attending from Arizona and Colorado this year, Pat (Niehaus) Cracraft and her daughter, Desiree.(photo above) The family heritage quilt raffle was as popular as ever.  The winner was Claire Lindblom, great granddaughter of the quilt-maker herself, Peg Stull. (photo above)  Everybody was busy catching up on each other's happenings, so a group photo didn't happen this year.  But we do have some great candid shots as well as nice random groups.  Below is Kate Brenchly and her son, Carter David.  Just below them is Evelyn Simmerman with a few smiling females from her family, Debbie, Joyce and Michelle.   To see more 2014 Niehaus Family Reunion photos, click here:

     Thank you to each and every family member who came to our 2014 gathering.  It's  great to have such nice people to share our Niehaus heritage.  


September 2013:  
The 2013 reunion took place on September 15 at Pioneer Park, Mooresville, Indiana.  The fabulous food, beautiful quilt raffle, lively conversation and exuberant playground activity made the afternoon fly by.  Brett Hickman surprised us by sharing his grandfather, Horace Hickman's WWII memorabilia. In the first photo below he shares letters and other interesting information with family. What a treasure!  
Mary Anne Lindblom, Libbe O'Connor, Richard Stull and Brett Hickman

I'm posting a few photos below that give a taste of the event.

Thanks again to Rosie Walters who always lends her special touch to the organization of the reunion. It was a super day!

Janie Hickman and Marcia Stull relax and reminisce.

Martha Fleetwood and Marilyn Schuster - Cousin Camaraderie
Hickman Crew

2012 Niehaus Reunion

July 2012:  The 2012 Niehaus Reunion was another friendly, fun-filled day.  We gathered on a sweltering hot day in July in Mooresville, Indiana.  Although the temp eventually climbed to 100 degrees, we stayed comfy for most of the day under the shelter. There was lots of good food, laughter, relaxing and story-telling. The crowd was smaller than usual, attributable to the heat.  But those that did attend were the "best of the family."  ;-) 
 If you click on the following link, you'll go to the album on my Flickr page.  Link to the 2012 Niehaus Reunion album.

History of the Niehaus Reunions tells us that the first one ever took place in 1939.  It was at Garfield Park, on the south side of Indianapolis.  The organizers were Mary Stull and Charlotte Niehaus.  This is the photo of that illustrious group below.  I am so happy to let you know that the people in the photo were 90% identified over the past few years through many family members' recollections.  Click on the link after the photo below to put the names with the faces.
If anyone recognizes someone without his/her name listed, please send me an email at nancyhurley1 at gmail dot com.   Hope you enjoy looking back.

Niehaus Reunion - Garfield Park, Indianapolis

The names of these folks (as many as we knew) were listed in the 2012 Reunion Announcement on this blog. To see that list CLICK HERE.

Following are links to additional Niehaus Family Reunion photos.  Two have dates in the 1970s and I believe there is at least one from the 1960s and one from the 1980s.  But I'm not sure of those dates.  Can you give me some ideas?  The identifications of people in these photos hasn't been accomplished.  Do you see your family? Take a look and let me know how many include your family and where they are in the photo. (email: nancyhurley1 at gmail dot com)  Have fun:

Niehaus Reunions

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  1. In looking for a former co-worker, I have stumbled on this website. My name is Nancy (Macy) Bonanza and I worked with Marilyn Neihaus at American United Life in the mid 60's. I was in her wedding. I have thought about her often over the years and with the social media these days and anyone being able to find out anything, I thought I would try to see what ever happened to her. If this is the Marilyn I remember, I would love to reconnect with her. My email is and I am also on facebook- Nancy Bonanza.


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