Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Halloween Flashback - Imagining With Krissy

     As a child I remember putting imagination into our Halloween costumes.  We had a chest with various types of masks and a few old pieces of costumes/clothing.  It was fun to drag out something to see what we could make each year.  It was entertaining to see what everyone created.   A great deal of the enjoyment was about roaming the neighborhood with friends and gathering as much candy and treats as we could.  Then, we'd dump it out on a newspaper when we got home to see what we wanted to keep and what we might try to trade, or just give to the parents.   And then, we put the scary devil mask away until next year.Krissy as a hobo for Halloween, about 1988.

     When Krissy started going trick-or-treating I guess I was still somewhat in that mode. (That would be about 1982-1992.)  Here's a photo of her in about 1988 when we used one of my jackets and a pair of my boots and pants.  I think she's a hobo.  The mask is really great, and especially that huge fake cigar.  I can't remember if it was bubble gum…..maybe.  The hat is a mystery too.  I don't think it was mine.

    Fast forward a few years to middle school.  She's creatively painted her own mask and became a cat with the addition of the ears.  Steve goes along with anything, as usual.  So, he's posing with the kitty cat.

Steve 005

     Pretending and imagining and creating alter egos is good for the psyche for this one day a year! 

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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

More Weber Scrapbook Photos Reveal The Family Outlook -- Wordless Wednesday (Almost)

      The Wordless Wednesday Almost posts have gained a new chapter thanks to cousin Carole Greer, daughter of Edith (Weber) Ditlinger.  As I've mentioned in past posts, Carole generously provided me with many new-to-me photographs from her family albums.  I'm happy to have them all scanned now and will keep sharing them on the blog as I have the time.  It's hard choosing which one to post next, but the ladies below are having such a good time they jumped right onto this page.Edith (Weber) Ditlinger and her sister, Alberta (Weber) DeJong share something  -- Maybe it's winnings from the card game.
   Back of photo of Edith & Alberta   Above is a photo of Edith (Weber) Ditlinger and Alberta (Weber) DeJong, two sisters happily sharing a day together. I wanted to post the back of the photo also since sometimes we aren't fortunate enough to have them marked for us.  I don't know the date of the photo but would guess it's mid-1940s.  From the history I know, I'll say that this is a common happening when a few of the large Weber family came to visit at the former home of their parents, Harry Adam and Mary Anna (Keen) Weber on South Alabama Street in Indianapolis.  A few of the siblings lived in the home until somewhere in that time frame.  
    As soon as I looked closely at this setting I saw the signs of a card game and a few beers. (Note the remnants on the table.)  There seems to be something in Edith's hand that these two are pleased with.  Maybe it's winnings from the card game.
     I am thrilled to have this little piece of the Weber family history.  Edith and Alberta were two of my mother's aunts who were admired greatly.   I can see my mother and her siblings in both of these ladies' faces.  Their love of life and sense of humors were definitely passed down.  My cousins and I thank you, Edith and Alberta for your smiles! 
     Anyone have a story about these sisters or their siblings that you'd like for me to share?  We would be happy to hear from others who grew up knowing these ladies or members of the extended huge family.  Keep watching for more Weber Scrapbook photos to follow.
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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Help Me With A Mystery Person in the Louis Risch Family

     I have a photograph in which two of the three people are identified.  I'm wondering if there's anyone out in the internet hinterlands that might read this and know who this third person could be. Or perhaps someone has a suggestion as a lead.
     I know the lady on the left in the below photograph is Clara Ariens Risch (Mrs. Michael Joseph);  and the man in the center is her father-in-law, Louis Risch (1855 - 1925).    I've been told by a descendant that the person on the right is not Michael Joseph Risch, Clara's husband and a son of Louis.
     The person on the right does appear to be a woman.  She's dressed in military type uniform and has her hair pushed up under her hat.  Louis has two daughters who could qualify for this spot: Clara Mary Risch (1896-1980) and Catherine Anna Risch (1887-1976).  I'm just not able to put either one of them in this photo as the one photo I have of each of them is younger or I can't be sure by looking at them.    

Risch Family, Clara Ariens (Mrs. Michael Risch) and Louis Risch  and  ??

Clara Ariens Risch, Louis Risch and who?
    This Risch family is from Dearborn and Fayette Counties in Indiana and Hamilton County, Ohio.  Some were born one place and died in the other.  My line of this family is through Mathias Risch, Sr, who emigrated to Dearborn County, Indiana, from Hugstetten, Baden, in 1828.  Louis Risch is one of his grandsons.  He lived his entire life in New Alsace, Dearborn County, Indiana.   (For more background, there are a few stories relating to this family in the Family: Risch link in the left column next to this post.)
     I thought it would be fun to see if there's a Risch descendant out there who could provide the information on this mystery lady in the uniform pictured with Louis and Clara.  It's such an interesting photo and I don't know much about the background. Where?  When?  Why?  Or maybe just WHO?   Are you there Risch cousins who can tell me anything???

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Monday, October 1, 2018

2018 Niehaus Family Reunion - It's Nice To See You Annually

       We've set aside one day each year for 79 years to stop and say "It's Nice To See You."  Many of us don't talk on the phone or go out to lunch, or whatever.  Maybe we see each other at a funeral.  OR, thanks to our tradition, we say hi at the reunion.  Niehaus 2011 wordle 2The annual Niehaus Reunion on Saturday, September 15, at Pioneer Park in Mooresville, Indiana, was another one of those pleasant "It's Nice to See You" days.  A big thanks goes again to Rosie Walters who keeps the organization going and works hard to make sure we all have a nice event.  There were less people attending this year but it sure didn't effect the sharing, camaraderie and laughs.  We had more food contributions than we could all eat in several days.  And It was all yummy!  Can you say fried chicken, barbecue, casseroles galore and too many desserts to mention.

      And after the great meal, we mixed it all up:  Friendly people, a comfortable location,  remembering our families by creating heritage quilt squares, silent auction bidding, sharing old photos, laughter and good stories about family events.  To add to this year's story, we were introduced to a newfound cousin.  DNA testing told one of our Hickman blood-related cousins who her family is.  Dawn arrived at the reunion after meeting a few of her family through DNA connections and being invited to come on over.  It was fun speaking with her, making further ties and even putting together childhood connections that none of us knew were there.  Welcome to the family Dawn.

     The family heritage quilt that's created each year contains the squares that are made by hand by those attending the previous year's reunion.  A personal touch is included in each square, depending on the preference of the person writing it out.  Martha (Niehaus) Fleetwood brought together those squares and a few more historical pieces that I contributed into another beautiful quilt for the raffle this year.  The winner of this year's Niehaus Family Heritage Quilt was our cousin, Evelyn (Ellis) Simmerman. In the photo below they are displaying this treasure.  Marti's on the left and Evelyn's on the right.  Fantastic creation Marti.  Congratulations Evelyn.  2018 Quilt Winner, Evelyn Simmerman, right, with Quilt Creator, Marti Fleetwood, left.

  .    To remind us all of the history of this annual Niehaus gathering, it began in 1939.  The members of this family are all descendants of Joseph and Gertrude (Wilmsen) Niehaus who immigrated to Indianapolis, Indiana, in 1885 from Emsdetten, Westphalia (Germany).  Their 11 children gathered their offspring for a picnic at Garfield Park in Indianapolis in 1939 and the tradition has carried on since.  Of course, the relatives have swelled over the years and many may not even be aware of the family ties.   Just in case anyone else reading this is thinking they may want to join in next year for the 80th celebration of this family reunion, here is a sampling of the surnames represented down the years and across collateral lines:   Albers, Albertson, Beerman, Buis, Donahue, Hickman, Hoskinson, Kirn, Lark, Marsischky, Niehaus, Sapp, Schott, Stull, Van Benthuysen, Wilmsen and more…..   I am happy to answer any questions about family connections or background if I'm able to do so.  But anyway, if you think you may be related, come on down to the reunion next year.  Leave me a message through the comments section or the space on the left. I'll pass along your address for the invitation list. We welcome everyone!

     It's refreshing to take the time to get reacquainted, to reflect back on those who brought us together and to just have a few laughs with kinfolk.  Thanks to everyone who attended.  Let's see how huge we can make next year's gathering for the 80th.  Below are just a couple of examples of  Niehaus family enjoying the 2018 reunion. (Also, click on the tab at the top of this page for more.) 

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Below: Lisa Rhoades with her Dad, Mike Collins, and her cousin, Terri Dunn

Lisa Rhoades, with her Dad, Mike Collins and Cousin, Terri Stull Dunn

Below: Piper Jackson, her cousin Scotty Moreland and the newest member of the clan, Willow Moreland

Piper, Scotty, Willow

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Among The Newly Shared Weber Family Photos Is This Treasure --- Wordless Wednesday (Almost)

      Following up on my intentions to share the Weber family photos recently acquired due to the generosity of our cousin Carole Greer, here we go.  These carefree folks are three of the Weber sisters with one of their brothers.  Left to right the three ladies sitting and standing against the car are  Alberta, Catherine and Edith.  The guy seated on the running board is Herbert Weber. There's a note on the photo that says that their brother, Clarence, was the photographer.   These siblings were born between 1896 and 1908.  That would be five of the eleven children of Harry Adam and Mary Anna (Keen) Weber of Indianapolis. Alberta, Catherine, Edith, Herbert Weber

      I'm  estimating this photo to be about 1930.  Don't you just love the attire, and especially the ukulele that Catherine seems to be ready to strum.  Looks like a nice Sunday afternoon drive.  Wish I knew more.  But I'm very pleased to have this snippet of the Weber family life. Hope others enjoy it as well.  I'll be sending along more of the same.

     On August 29, last month, I posted the photo of the home where these Webers grew up.  If you'd like to take a look, just page back a few posts.  There are other related posts for this family under the Weber tab in the left column. 

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Sunday, September 23, 2018

Carrying On With Our Weber Kuhn Reunion -- August 2018

       The day of the 2018 Weber Kuhn Family Reunion came and passed so quickly.  Time gets away from me and I'm just now getting around to following up with the report on this great family day. . . . . .  But anyway, I'm pausing now to say that there was another friendly, fun reunion of our Weber Kuhn family on  August 25, 2018, at the Sarah Bolton Park in Beech Grove, Indiana.  It seems as though we're starting a tradition of pouring down rain.  But, as usual, the weather didn't dampen any spirits and it became an even more pleasant afternoon as soon as the rain ceased.  We had shelter when needed and were comfortable being with each other.Rosie Walters and her brother, Jim Stull.  Rosie and Jim are children of Jim and Peg (Weber) Stull.
       Marti Fleetwood, Pat Holzer and Rosie Walters put together their organizing talents for a very nice event.  Of course, every attendee contributed fantastic food that we all enjoyed greatly.Piper Jackson and her mom, Jennifer Jackson. Piper is a great granddaughter of Jim and Peg (Weber) Stull.  This one will go down as the "meatball" reunion.  I guess they sounded good because we had five different varieties show up from different households.  I didn't hear any complaints as everyone sampled at least three.  And I can't even begin to name the other yummy delights. 
      The six Weber Kuhn siblings from whom we all descend would be so pleased that we all gather.  And we were especially happy to see our latest family contingent from the Ditlinger family. We all claim Harry Adam and Mary Anna (Keen) Weber as our ancestors.    Carol Greer and her son, Doug, and her brother, Don, attended this year. Carol again brought along some fabulous old history and shared her photos with me to scan.  Don related his memories of teenage years when he recalls hanging out with Harry Weber and his sister, Dolly Weber.  It was a lot of fun for us cousins to hear him talk about these two, our mother, father, aunt or uncle.  I am so glad to have the family history photos that Carol has saved.  I shared one earlier of the Weber home on Alabama Street. (Page down for that post.) More of these photos will be following here on the blog.
     Marti once again created a beautiful heritage quilt using her sewing talents and the squares created by family members  at last year's reunion.   Sara Walters was thrilled to have her raffle ticket drawn.  I don't yet have that photo but I will follow up with it soon.Darrell Bragg & Krissy Underwood.  Darrell and Krissy are engaged to be married in Spring, 2019. Krissy is my daughter.
     The few sample photos I have in this post portray the fun and loving group. Top left is Rose Walters and her brother, Jim Stull.  On the right is Piper Jackson and her mom, Jennifer.  Bottom left is Darrell Bragg and Krissy Underwood. All super people!!  More photos that I managed to snap between my visits and exploring through old photo albums are posted on the Family Reunion page on this blog:  Oh, I have to mention that I had a photography assistant this year - Piper Jackson.  You'll see some photos on the Weber Kuhn Reunion page that are from a lower perspective.  Those are the ones she did such a good job of taking for me.   I'll have more to collect and post here but the  Weber Kuhn Reunion page gives a good idea of the nice day that we all had together on August 25.  This is one fantastic family!

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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

The Long-awaited Photo of South Alabama Street Weber Home Just Appeared - Almost Wordless Wednesday

    Alabama Street Home, Indianapolis, IN, Harry and Mary Weber
     For so many years we've talked about the Weber home on South Alabama Street in Indianapolis where Harry Adam and Mary Anna (Keen) Weber raised 11 children, including my grandfather, Harry Lawrence Weber.  Where so many stories have originated of gatherings, grandchildren's explorations, card games and every day living.  Yes, everyone knew where it used to stand.  Where many old homes were torn down to make way for the huge Eli Lilly complex of buildings.  And, yes, I did have one, sort of photo.  It was a photo showing the skeleton of the home as it was being scheduled for demolition. 
     Well, thanks to Carole Ditlinger Greer, a cousin of my mother and her five Weber siblings, we now have a wonderful photo for the records.  I'm so happy that Carole shared this memory with us.  Members of this large family, usually at least three people, occupied the Alabama Street home from 1893 to 1945.  There could be volumes of stories written on the happenings there. But for now, I'm going to just say…..It's so nice to finally see you.  Hooray!!!!!!


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