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Another Twenty Year Flashback -- Niehaus Family -- Wordless Wednesday (Almost)

      It’s intriguing to stick with this twenty-year time frame, so I’m flashing back again to 1996. These photos sure do bring back memories.  Here’s my Mom with all of her children at a Christmas gathering at my house on Woodstone Court in Indianapolis.  I sure wish Mom hadn’t closed her eyes at that exact time that the picture was taken.  But isn’t that just how it goes! The story is on our faces and I think this shot may be one of the best for “wordless.”
Christmas 1996, Martha Niehaus Fleetwood, Donald Frank Niehaus, Nancy Niehaus Underwood, Linda Niehaus May - with Mom, Rosemary Weber Niehaus seated.
Seated in front:  Rosemary Weber Niehaus
Standing, sisters and brother: Marti Fleetwood, Don Niehaus, Nancy Underwood, Linda May

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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Flashback Twenty Years – Family and Friends: Wordless Wednesday (Almost)

       Reminiscing...How fortunate I’ve been to have these ladies in my life for so many years.  It’s truly unbelievable that this photo of my two super sisters and two fantastic friends was taken in November, 1996.
I’m thankful that we’ve shared all these years and have many good times ahead still. 
Nov 1996: front row, Marti Fleetwood, Janine Schumm. back row: Nancy Hurley, Karen France, Linda May
Front row: Marti Fleetwood, Janine Schumm
Back row: Nancy Hurley, Karen France, Linda May

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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Death Certificate: The Details of Henry A. Weber’s Life As It Ended 10 December 1938

Death Certificate of Henry Adam Weber, 533 S. Alabama St., Indianapolis, IN, 10 Dec 1938 
     A person’s death certificate can provide a cameo of their life, all in one small document.  Henry A. Weber’s is in that category. First, we learn that he died on 10 December 1938 at 7:15 a.m. at 533 S. Alabama Street in Indianapolis (The Weber home for 40 years where he and his wife raised 11 children.). This death certificate tells us about Harry’s wife, Mary, who preceded him in death.  It lists that he was a retired dry goods store owner.  And his parents names and birthplaces are included.  He was a victim of chronic myocarditis, with influenza contributing to his death at age 79.  Other information about the informant and burial are also in the section under “Personal and Statistical Particulars.”  (A full transcription of the death certificate is below.) 
     Isn’t it interesting to have these documents containing the details of our ancestors’ lives. 
Indiana State Board of Health Death Cert. #36758
Henry A. Weber
Place of Death: Marion County, Center Township, Indianapolis, 533 S. Alabama
Date of death:  10 Dec 1938
Time of death: 7:15 a.m.
Cause of death:  Chronic myocarditis
Contributory: Influenza

Personal and Statistical Particulars:
Wife: Mary A. Weber
date of birth: 12 Sep 1859
Age: 79 yrs, 2 mths, 28 days
Profession: Dry Goods Store Owner
Business:  Retired
Birthplace: Indpls, Ind
Father: Adam Weber
Birthplace: Germany
Mother's maiden name: Amalia Micol
Birthplace: Alsace Lorraine
Informant: Harry Weber
Address: 2160 Singleton St.
Place of burial: St. Joseph Cemetery
date: 13th Dec 1938
Undertaker: Grinsteiner
Was body embalmed: Yes
dated 13 Dec 1938
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The Kuhn Cousins, Indianapolis, Indiana, 1938: Wordless Wednesday (Almost)

       Cousins, cousins – good times!  This gathering of Kuhn Family was on the occasion of the 25th wedding anniversary of Harry Lawrence Weber and Otillia “Tillie” Catherine Kuhn, parents of of six of these folks and aunt and uncle to the rest.  I know from my mom and aunts’ stories that the Kuhn cousins had a great time whenever they came together.  As seemed to happen often, the party was at the home of Julia (Kuhn) Hinz, Tillie’s sister, on Talbott Street in Indianapolis, Indiana.  You can barely see Julia on the right edge of the photo.  She probably thought she wasn’t in the shot.  The cousins range in age from the youngest, Harry J. Weber, at age 11 at the left front, to Gert Hinz at the right front, age 21.Kuhn Cousins pose at Julia Hinz' home in 1938
Home of Julia Hinz, June 13, 1938:
Harry Weber, Dolly Weber, Pauline Hinz, Peg Weber, Antoinette Sauer, Helen Kuhn, Gin Weber, Mildred Stuckey, Rose Weber, Dot Hinz, Gert Hinz.
Back row: Dick Sauer, Future Mrs. Dick Sauer, Bob Weber (peeking through in the middle) and Ray Hinz.

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Friday, November 11, 2016

Veterans Day: Honoring Roy E. Albers, World War II, U. S. Army

     Many of us know or can remember a veteran of World War II.  Not many are still with us, but they’re not forgotten.  The front page of the February 10, 1945, Indianapolis Star reflects on the circumstances for those service men and women. Headlines, The_Indianapolis_Star_Sat__Feb_10__1945_
    I’d like to share a brief history of one of those soldiers in our family, Roy E. Albers, who served in the 106th Cavalry of the 7th U. S. Army from 1943 to 1945.  I’m just getting to know Roy.  He was a cousin in a family line I didn’t know growing up.  Fortunately, my Albers family knowledge is expanding lately.  On Veterans Day 2016 it’s my pleasure to salute this family soldier. 
     Recently I was searching for Albers family news when a 1945 article about local soldiers appeared on my list.  There was young Pvt. Roy Albers’ photo and information about him being wounded.  Over the past few weeks, there’s a bit more added to this family story. 
      That newspaper story states that Roy was wounded in France on November 19, 1945, and that he sent his Purple Heart home to his mother in Indianapolis while he was in the hospital.  (You can read about Roy Albers in the news story below entitled “3 Soldiers, Chaplain Killed, 5 Are Missing. Click on the article to enlarge.) The Purple Heart is awarded in the name of the President of the United States to any member of the Armed Forces of the United States who, while serving under competent authority in any capacity with one of the U.S. Armed Services after April 5, 1917 has been wounded, killed, or has died after being wounded.   (History of Purple Heart Medal.)
Albers, Roy, Military News, 1945 
   Additionally, I found a news item published on February 22, 1945, (below) telling of  Roy being awarded three Bronze Stars for participation in Normandy, Northern France and Germany. To shed some light on Roy’s circumstances within this time frame in World War II, I read online about the 106th Cavalry.   Following is an excerpt from the Wikipedia page of the 106th Cavalry Regiment:
“During what was said to be the worst winter in 30 years, the 1500 men of the 106th held up to 125-mile (201 km) of the front. Staying in contact with the XII Corps right flank to its north was difficult because its lines were so thinly spread. Maintaining relatively static lines from 20 September through 5 November, they took the opportunity to rotate the two squadrons in and out of the line as trench foot took its toll on the soldiers. On several occasions the 106th was ordered to counter German probing attacks.”
What an incredibly harrowing experience for this young man!
The_Indianapolis_Star_Thu__Feb_22__1945_      Roy was born to Julius and Elsie Albers in Indianapolis on December 3, 1924.  When he enlisted in the U. S. Army at Fort Benjamin Harrison in Indianapolis he was only 19.  He soon joined the 106th Cavalry,  a mechanized cavalry unit of the United States Army recognized for its outstanding action. They were often in the lead of other units in Europe, earning five campaign streamers and French government decorations. Lightly armed, they scouted ahead to fix enemy locations. There’s no doubt that he had a good deal of life-changing experiences in the two years before he was released from the Army on his 21st birthday (Yes, that’s the date on his records!).   Thankfully, he returned to his life in the States, later becoming a husband and father.  

  But wait!  Albers, RoyI have another chapter of this Albers family story involving those of us still here.  Recently, I wrote a post about Julius Albers (Roy’s father) when I found news about his “neighborhood business” during prohibition.  (That story is HERE.)  I’m pleased to say that Julius’s story resulted in a new family connection. 
     Fortunately, a cousin who is Julius’s granddaughter and Roy’s niece, was reading online and found my blog.  And thankfully, my new cousin, Carol, decided to send me an email saying she enjoyed reading my family stories.  She and I are now sharing family knowledge, photos, etc.  Carol let me know that she has a special place in her heart for her Uncle Roy.  This is a sample of her thoughts about him: “I'm looking forward to reading about Roy.  He down-played a lot of the war stories.  He was quite the character - personality wise - loved to sing, drink, and have a good time. I remember Grandpa singing some, too, but he wasn't the singer.”  Having Carol’s personal remembrances of this soldier makes my Veterans Day story a notch better for me.
Thank you to Roy Albers and all our veterans for their service.  

If you have additions to this veteran's story, let me know. I appreciate you visiting Indiana Ties.
Nancy Hurley

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Last Will & Testament of Henry A. Weber; Marion County, Indianapolis, IN

     Henry Reading the Will of Henry A. Weber, my great grandfather, I was struck by the personality and family culture that it represents.  On March 10, 1931, about seven years before his death, he signed his Last Will and Testament explaining specifically how he wished for his property and possessions to be distributed among his eleven children. He even included an explanation for why he was making those distributions. 
       As I transcribed all the details, I began relating to various family stories that could be connected and embellished.  For instance, the intricate care taken to outline provisions for his daughter, Ida T. Cordell, and her children.  While bequeathing his property and possessions to various children, Henry makes provisions for the Cordells to “use and occupy such property as and for their home.” The reasons are not outlined in these legal documents, but we know that Ida’s husband came into undesirable criminal circumstances, leaving them to fend for themselves.  I mention this one piece to note that the Weber family seems to have pulled together to support their daughter/sister and continued to do so for many years.  The will contains this and other interesting details, mentioning all of the Weber children in one way or another.  Among the provisions in his will, were masses to be said for his children who may be dead at the time and for his parents and brother, Theodore. To me, the wording of the will points out the efficient, thorough and caring manner of Henry A. Weber.
 Last Will and Testament of Henry A. Weber; Signed 10 March 1931 and
Probated in open court 9 Feb 1939;
Smiley N. Chambers,
Judge of the Probate Court, Marion County, Indianapolis IN
Will Book AAA, pgs. 90, 91, 92   

(Click on documents to enlarge.  Transcription below.)
Weber, Henry Adam, Will, pg 1Weber, Henry Adam, Will, pg 2Weber, Henry Adam, Will, Pg 3
I, Henry A. Weber, of the City of Indianapolis, County of Marion and State of Indiana, being of sound and disposing mind and memory, and being now desirous of making a disposition of my estate to take effect after my death, do now make, establish, publish and declare the following as my last will and testament:
I give and bequeath all of my household goods, furniture and furnishing, also all of myjewelry and wearing apparel, now belonging to me and/or which may belong to me at the time of my death, and located in my home known as 533 S. Alabama Street, in the City of Indianapolis, Indiana, to my following children:
Ida T. Cordell, Walter M. Weber, Lillian E. Weber, Catherine Weber and Alberta C. Weber, to be theirs absolutely and forever, share and share alike.
I direct that the Executor hereof shall, as soon as practicable after my death, cause all of my debts and liabilities of my estate, including the cost and expense of my last illness, funeral and cost of administration upon my estate to be paid out of such estate of which I may die seized, other than the personal property bequeathed in Item I hereof.
I direct, that after my death, masses shall be said for the repose of the soul of my deceased wife, the souls of any of my children who are dead at the time of my death and my soul, and that the sum of Two Hundred ($200.00) Dollars shall be expended for such purpose. I also direct that the sum of Fifty ($50.00) Dollars shall be expended for the repose of the souls of my deceased father, mother and my brother, Theodore. I direct that the executor hereof shall make all necessary arrangements for the saying of such masses and shall expend said sums for such purpose.
My legal heirs at this time are my following children, in addition to those names in Item I hereof, to- wit:
Harry L. Weber, May S. Lieland, Edith M. Ditlinger, William J. Weber, Clarence G. Weber and Herbert L. Weber,
for whom I have as much love and regard as I have for any of my children, notwithstanding that I have made no specific devise or bequest in their favor, and my reason for making the specific devise and bequest in favor of my children names in Items I and VI hereof, is that my children named in said items live with me and have assisted me in maintaining my home since the death of my wife.
All of the res and residue of my personal estate remaining, I give and bequeath to my following children, to-wit:
Walter M. Weber, Lillian E. Weber, Catherine Weber, Alberta C. Weber and Ida T. Cordell
share and share alike.
I give and devise my real estate known as Lot Numbered Two (2) in Kasberg's Subdivision of Out Lot numbered 22, in the City of Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, except 5 feet off of
the East end of said lot,
to my children, Walter M. Weber, Lillian E. Weber, Catherine Weber and Alberta C. Weber, share and share alike, however, my said daughter, Ida T. Cordell, together with her children, shall be entitled to occupy said premises in conjunction with my children in this Item named, as and for her home so long as my said children to whom said real estate is herein devised do not sell and dispose of the same, and upon sale of said real estate by them, then the right in my said daughter, said Ida T. Cordell, and her children, to use and occupy said premises, shall cease and forever be at an end.
It is my desire than, in the event my said children, Walter M. Weber, Lillian E. Weber, Catherine Weber and Alberta C. Weber, dispose of said property that they will invest the proceeds realized by them therefrom in other dwelling property, and that in the event they do make such investment of such proceeds, that they will permit my said daughter, Ida T. Cordell, and her children, to use and occupy such property as and for their home.
All of the rest and residue of my estate remaining, and which is not herein particularly devised and bequeathed, I give, grant, devise and bequeath to my children, Ida T. Cordell, Walter M. Weber, Lillian E. Weber, Catherine Weber, Alberta C. Weber, Harry L. Weber, May S. Lieland, Edith M. Ditlinger, William J. Weber, Clarence G. Weber and Herbert L. Weber, share and share alike.
I hereby nominate and appoint my said son, Harry L. Weber, as Executor hereof, and I hereby revoke and declare, as null and void, all other wills made by me heretofore.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto subscribed my name in the presence of Jacob Buennagel and L. D. Buenting, whom I have requested to act as witnesses to this will, and in whose presence I have declared the above and foregoing instrument, written upon this and the preceding three pages hereof, and consisting of eight items, as and for my last will and testament, and I have also subscribed my name on each of the preceding pages hereof, this 10th day of March, 1931.
Henry A. Weber
We, the undersigned, hereby certify that the above and foregoing instrument, was, on the 10th day of March, 1931, signed by said Henry A. Weber, in our presence, and was by him declared to be his last will and testament, and that, we at his request, in his presence and in the presence of each other, have signed the same as witnesses.
                                                                                          Jacob Buennagel
                                                                                          L. D. Buenting

State of Indiana, Marion County, SCT:
E. C. McKinney being duly sworn, on oath says that Henry A. Weber departed this life on or about the 10 day of December 1938 and at the time of his death was a resident of said County and State.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 9 day of February A. D. 1939
(SEAL)                                                    Charles R. Ettinger, Clerk
Before the Clerk of the Probate Court of the County of Marion, in the State of Indiana, personally came Jacob Buennagel, one of the subscribing witnesses to the foregoing Instrument of writing who being by me first duly sworn, upon oath deposes and says that Henry A. Weber the testator named in the Instrument of writing purporting to be his LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT, did sign, seal, publish and declare the same to be his last will and testament, on the day of the date thereof; that the said testator was at the same time of the full age of twenty-one years, and of sound and disposing mind and memory, and that he was under no coercion, compulsion or restraint and that he was competent to devise his property. And that the said testator signed, sealed, published and declared the same to be his last will and testament, in manner and form as aforesaid, in the presence of affiant and of L. D. Buenting the other subscribing witness thereto and that each attested the same, and subscribed their names as witnesses thereto, in the presence and at the request of said testator, and in the presence of each other.
                                                                           Jacob Buennagel
Subscribed to and sworn to before me, in witness of which, I hereunto affix the seal of
said Court, and subscribe my name at Indianapolis the 9 day of February, A. D., 1939
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Charles R. Ettinger, Clerk

Charles R. Ettinger, Clerk of the Probate Court of the County of Marion, in the State of Indiana, do hereby certify that the foregoing last will and testament of Henry A. Weber has been duly admitted for probate before the Judge.
That the same was proven by the examination, under each, of Jacob Buennagel the subscribing witness thereto, and that a full and complete record of the said will, and of the proof and examination of the witness by whom the same was proven, has been made and is now of record in the Will Records of said County.
                                 In Testimony whereof, I have hereunto affixed the seal of the said Court, and subscribed my name, at Indianapolis, this 9 day of February A. D., 1939
                                                                     Charles R. Ettinger
Final Will Settlement; Records of the Marion County Probate Court, Indianapolis, Indiana:
-- Estate of Henry A. Weber, deceased, Docket 115, Order Book 190, pg 623, 14 March 1940
---General Entry, Claim and Allowance Docket, Marion County Probate Ct., 1939-1940.

Weber, Henry Adam, Probate Ct. Expenses, 1939-40Weber, Henry Adam, Probate, Final Settlement, 1940
Marion County Probate Court, Docket 115, pg. 40981
Name of Estate:  Henry A. Weber
Administrator:  Fletcher Trust Co.
Date of Letters: Feb 9, 1939
Date of Death:  Dec 10, 1938
1939, Feb 9:   Will probated in open court, order book 186, page 17;    Probate     $ 5.00
                         Oath filed, Administrator, order book 185, page 406;                             2.00
1939, Feb 27:  Notice of Appointment Filed, Last publication, Feb 24, 1939                5.00
1940, Mar 14: Final Report filed; Hearing Apr 13, 1940                       
1940, Apr 2:    Proof of Pub. Final Notice Filed
1940, Apr 13:  Final Report Approveed, Estate Closed, Order book 190, pg. 623       6.00
                                                                                                                         Bond            .50
                                                                                                              Inventories            .50
                                                                 Proceedings to date, Inheritance Tax         3.00
                                                                                                            Final Report         1.00

                                                                          Paid June 8, 1940                                         24.00
HENRY A. WEBER, deceased
with the Will annexed 115 ---40981
Comes now Fletcher Trust Company, administrator with the will annexed of the estate of Henry A. Weber, deceased, and submits to the court the account and vouchers by it filed in final settlement thereof on the 14th day of March 1940, and also files and submits proofs of the posting and publication of notices to the creditors, heirs at law, legatees, devisees and all others interested in said estate of the filing of said account and vouchers and when the same would be heard, which notices and proofs the court on examination holds to be sufficient and that said account and matters in connection therewith are now property before the court for proper action thereon; said account, notices and proofs are in these words (HERE INSERT)
And the court having examined said account and vouchers finds that more than one year has elapsed since the grant of letters of administration upon said estate and the giving of notice thereof; that said administrator with the will annexed has carried out the provisions of testator's will with respect to the saying of masses. And the court now allows the credits claimed by said administrator with the will annexed in its said account, including therein the amount claimed for its own services.
And the court further finds from the statement of said administrator with the Will annexed contained in said account that there remains after administration and of which said testator died seized in fee, the following real estate to-wit:
PARCEL #1 Lot #2 in Kasberg's subdivision of Outlot #22 in the city of Indianapolis Marion County, Indiana, excepting five feet off of the East end of said lot
PARCEL #2 Lot #651 in Knightstown Lake Addition, Wayne Township, Henry County, Indiana. The title to which the court finds is devised under the last will and testament of said Henry A. Weber, deceased; the court further finds that said estate is not subject to the payment of Inheritance tax nor Gross Income Tax.
And the court now in all things approves and confirms said account in final settlement and the acts of said administrator with the will annexed as by it therein reported, and it is further and finally ordered by the court that said administrator with the will annexed be and it now is released and discharged from its trust and that the same be and is adjudged fully administered and determined upon final settlement.
        Overall, the creation, filing, probating and final settlement of the Will of Henry A. Weber took place from March 10, 1931 to  April 13, 1940.  But the details within these documents touch many life stories over many more years. 
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Baptism Record: Henry Adam Weber, 1859, St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Indianapolis, Indiana

    Oh, how a brief record can say so much!  Since Indiana birth records were not recorded officially before 1880, this church baptismal record for Henry Adam Weber is an important link in this family’s historical chain.  Henry’s parents, Adam and Amelia, chose to have him baptized at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Indianapolis, Indiana, six days after he was born in 1859.  The record kept by the priest presents us with a picture of that day.
     Henry and his parents, along with the baptismal sponsors, Christina Micol (Amelia Weber’s sister) and Henry Nobbe, are gathered inside St. Mary’s church at 117 East Maryland Street in Indianapolis on September 18, 1859.  They only had a four block walk to the church from the Weber home at 180 South Delaware.  The parish priest, Father Simon Siegrist performs the baptism.  And then the priest makes the record in Latin of the child’s full name, birth and baptismal dates, etc.    (See a copy of the record and the transcription below.) 
       On 18 Sept 1859 Henry Adam John Weber was baptized by Father Siegrist in St. Mary's Catholic Church, Indianapolis, IN.

Transcription from the Baptisms, St. Mary's Catholic Church, Indianapolis, Indiana, September 1859:
Heinricus Adam Joannes Weber, (Translated from Latin): Henry Adam John Weber
Baptized the 18th, Henry Adam John born 12 September.
Parents - Adam and Maria Amalia Weber.
Sponsors:  Henry Nobbe and Christina Micol.
S. Siegrist, Officiant
     I’m happy that the microfilms of the St. Mary’s Catholic Church records are available at the Indiana State Library.  These details of Henry's birth are the earliest record of this Weber family in Indianapolis.
     Within those microfilms we can find volumes of family history just waiting for us to dig in.  To followup directly with this baptismal record, two months after Henry’s baptism we can find his sponsors, Christina Micol and Henry Nobbe’s marriage in this same church by the same priest. Followed 27 years later by Henry’s marriage as well. (Page down for a related story below.) St. Mary’s church was built in 1858 and captured many family members intertwined in it’s events over the next 100 years or so.  (See more information about St. Mary’s HERE.)
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