Friday, September 7, 2012

The Picture Tells The Story - Weber Children 1931


Weber children 1931

“The Picture Tells The Story” is my personal challenge to keep a post under 100 words and let the photo and readers tell the story. Thanks to my cousin, Anne, daughter of Harry Weber on the right above, for sending me this super photo to add to this collection. (Start counting.) 

Pictured here, on the steps of their Singleton Street home in Indianapolis, are Dolores “Dolly,” Margaret “Peg” and Harry Weber, children of Harry and Tillie (Kuhn) Weber.  Estimating this to be 1931, the children are five, seven and four years old.  Are they dressed up to go to mass at Sacred Heart on a sunny summer day?   Whatever the occasion, Dolly and Harry seem happy; but why is Peg hiding? Didn’t like the idea of sitting still for the photo? She’s been a person on the go all her life. 

What story do you think this photo tells? Comments are welcome below.

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