Friday, October 19, 2012

Picture Tells The Story - Of the Keen, Paetz, Weber Cousins

Again, letting the photo speak, here’s another 100-words-only post.  Underneath this photo lies volumes of tales for another day.Keen, Paetz, Weber cousins in approximately 1910.

I suspect these cousins had great times growing up together!  They lived within the 500 block of South Alabama St in Indianapolis, and attended St. Mary’s Catholic Church, approximately one mile from their homes. This is their First Communion photo, about 1910. They are: William Weber (born:1899), Bertha Keen (born:1899), Herbert Weber (born:1901), Stella Paetz (born: 1898) and Clarence Weber (born: 1898).  William, Clarence and Herbert were my granduncles (brothers of Harry L. Weber) and Bertha and Stella were my first cousins twice removed.

I wish I could remember them.  Do you have a story to tell about this relationship?  Let’s share!   

Click here for more Weber and Keen family lines information.

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