Wednesday, April 24, 2013

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: Kleinsmith and Niehaus Families on a Sunday Drive

The photograph below begins my (Almost) Wordless Wednesday blog series.  I’m happy to be joining this Geneabloggers’ blogging prompt with those who already post their family photographs without words.  But I must blur that description slightly.  As one of my favorite geneabloggers, Randy Seaver at Genea Musings, says: “I am incapable of having a wordless post.”  I know a picture does speak for itself in many ways, but not enough for me, I guess.

Our memory depicted in the photo below represents family taking care of each other.  Looking first at the lady on the left in the back seat, Josephine “Feenie” Niehaus Stull is holding her child, possibly Jane? And barely visible behind the children is Lena Niehaus Kleinsmith, Feenie’s sister.  The two other children in the back seat are Charlotte Niehaus and her brother, Frank Niehaus, my father.  In the front seat:  Fred Kleinsmith, presumably the car owner, is on the left. My grandfather, John Niehaus, with his son, Robert, is behind the wheel. 

It appears that this photo was taken in their “Sunday best.” So maybe they were  dressed up for Sunday Mass at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Indianapolis.  In 1920 the three families lived on Habig Road on Indianapolis’ south side.  My grandfather and his children were temporarily living with the Kleinsmiths after the death of my grandmother, Louise Albers Niehaus and her son, six-month-old Walter, in the flu epidemic in 1919. 

We can’t be positive of the occasion, but it is definitely a family event. Niehaus and Kleinsmiths out cruising.

Does anyone in the family have more information on this family photo? Let me know!!

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