Friday, July 19, 2013

Family Recipe Friday - Peg Stull’s Tomato Sauce

Tomato Sauce 1
Tomato Sauce 2
It's my pleasure to begin our new Family Recipe Friday blog series with a super Tomato Sauce recipe from a special lady, Aunt Peg.  This is one straight from her personal recipe box.
Everyone has a connection to food!  Family history is all about those memories, even if you don’t especially like to cook yourself.  Many times we think of Grandma’s chicken and noodles or our best friend’s mother’s homemade pizza.  Maybe there’s a simple dish that just became special because we always had it for birthdays or other holidays, like barbecue meatballs or Jell-O cake. 
It seems to me that this Family Recipe Friday blogging prompt might be a good way to get our family’s culinary talents together..  So, now we have a repository Peg Weber Stull, 1943for family and friends' favorite dishes.  As we collect these recipes, and the memories that go with them, they will all be right here for the future.  Whenever anyone needs an old recipe reference or  an idea for something new to make, just click Family Recipe Friday at the left.    
I have a few recipes in mind from my old friend, Donna, who was a fabulous cook.  She would always offer her expertise, along with her hints on how to whip or cream or hold your mouth so that everything came out perfectly.  Jerry’s been experimenting lately in the kitchen, as well as with his new smoker.  Maybe I’ll post some of those successes!
But what’s a good way to kick off this venture with a bang?!#%    What better way than with lots of love from Aunt Peg.  She generously shared her recipes with me some time ago and is happy to know we’ll be spreading them further.   It was difficult to choose the one to start with; but since we are coming into that really good tomato time, I thought I would post her tomato sauce recipe.  I know she has had some nice summer days with her daughters, Mary Anne and Rosie, and with her neighbor, Mary, putting this recipe to work in her kitchen here in Indianapolis.
Thanks, Aunt Peg,  for passing along your cooking tips to all of us!   Family recipes can be posted in the comments below, or send me an email (nancyhurley1 at gmail dot com).  Would love to have a surprise cousin recipe for next week’s post.


  1. Your post is very timely...I've been looking for a good tomato sauce recipe!

    1. Hi Heather: I'm really glad you will be using the tomato sauce recipe. Maybe someday we can make a Kuhn family connection! Thanks for commenting.


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