Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wordless Wednesday - 1950s Summer

It's summertime in Indianapolis -- A time to look back about 55 years to a childhood memory. This almost "Wordless Wednesday" photo shows some of us Niehaus cousins enjoying the swimming pool that my Dad, Frank, built in our back yard.
Marilyn, Linda, Nancy and Bill Niehaus enjoy our pool in the backyard, 3314 South New Jersey St., Indianapolis, Indiana

 I (Nancy Niehaus) am on the diving board, with my sister, Linda, waiting to follow me into the water. Our cousins, Marilyn and Bill, are in the pool.  I guess Dad let us use the pool before he put on the finishing touches since I remember a shelf all around the top where we would walk easily and sit comfortably. Nice 1950s summer flashback!

Copyright 2013, (Nancy Hurley)

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