Friday, August 30, 2013

Family Recipe Friday - Mary Jo’s Brandy Slush

Mary Jo's Brandy Slush
This recipe for Brandy Slush has many great memories for me. And….it’s really delicious!   I remember Mary Jo, my very special friend for what seems like my whole life, making this for our Christmas holidays together. Although I know she didn’t save it for only those times of the year.  In fact, it would be perfect for these hot summer days.  So, I’m sharing it for the Labor Day holiday weekend.
Nancy and MJ in Maine 1980s
We had many refreshing drinks of this together over the years.  Our friendship has meant so much in so many ways.  She is family. Even though we are thousands of miles apart now, we keep in touch and visit when we can.  We have fond memories of our “working days”  in Indianapolis, sharing the ups and downs in life and of trips and events we had together. This photo is taken in the 1980s on a fun trip we took to the northeast, sitting on the edge at Bar Harbor, Maine. 

I hope others enjoy the Brandy Slush from MJ as much as I have.

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