Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Niehaus Reunion - Another Page in the Family History

     Another enjoyable Niehaus Family Reunion is history.  Special memories are stored away.  On Sunday, September 15, 2013, descendants of Joseph and Gertrude Niehaus of Indianapolis, Indiana, gathered to share a meal and enjoy the afternoon. We always have a good time sampling our family’s delicious food, telling family history stories and bringing each other up to date on our lives. The choice of a September date seemed to work well, providing  milder temperatures for hanging out at the Pioneer Park in Mooresville, Indiana.
Enjoying family at the Niehaus Reunion.It felt good to have Janie Stull Hickman and Nina Hickman Stull anchoring our gathering again after their absence last year. We're all pleased to see the generations, from 2 to 92, continuing these traditions. The special trio pictured at the right is Nina Hickman with her granddaughter, Jessica and great grandson, Bradley.
     I'm sure that Joseph and Gertrude Niehaus and their eleven offspring, who were a close knit and loving group of people, would be happy to see their descendants enjoying each other’s company.
     The Family Memories Quilt created by Peg Stull was another beautiful creation.(below)  We snapped her photo with the raffle winners, Brandon and Jennifer Jackson, Peg’s grandson and his wife, along with precious little Piper. 
The Family Memories Quilt is a treasure from each reunion.     I’ve had great experiences writing a family newsletter over the past eight years or so. This year I enjoyed learning more about Wilhelmina "Minnie" Niehaus Kirn from her granddaughters who shared memories for the newsletter.  I’m posting a link here to the 2013 Niehaus Family Newsletter for anyone who couldn’t be there to receive a copy. 
    Hopefully a few of the families that we have trouble reaching will come across this news and make a plan to come next year.  We would love to see some of the Donahue, Sapp, Lark and other Niehaus family members.  If you would like to add your name and address to the mailing list for next year’s reunion, leave me a comment after this post.  I’ll be glad to pass along your address so that you receive a notice.
    Click on the Niehaus Reunion at the top of this page for the first group of this year's reunion photos.  There are more to come, so revisit.  
    Here’s the link to the 2013 Niehaus Family Newsletter.  This will take you to a Family Stories page where you can page down to the Newsletters list.  
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